Friday, January 28, 2011

January Favorites-Making Waves

I will be going over my January favorites over the next few days.  This is the first. Bear with me, I have a cold that just won't go away!

Wavy Hair-

It is the best remedy for the "my-hair-is-dirty-but-I'm-too-lazy-to-wash-it", and who doesn't experience that feeling every once is a while ? Well I have experienced that feeling too much recently a la my cold and the overall winter blah's, that I decided to go onto the quest of creating the perfect combination of Gisele/Victoria's Secret glamourpuss and vintage/beachy soft waves.  This was the result of my first real attempt.

Maybe I should review self-tanner next?! Sorry for the strange combination of flash and lack of human contact due to my refusal to go outside when they tell me it's 3 degrees out. But you get the idea....

All kidding aside, while I am not any of the Gisele or vintage pin-up inspiration, it was a pretty decent first attempt.  For those novices like me who want to achieve the perfect soft wave, I have a tip:

*Start with dirty AND straight hair-Even though I have a natural wave to my hair, I wait the day or so after I straighten and blow-dry it to do this. I think having the natural, ahem, "texture" in your hair the day or so after you wash it is necessary to get the curl to hold.  That in combination with the fact that I think you need to have soft, straight, shiny hair to get the curls just right.  Might seem silly or counterintuitive but I read an article interviewing Sara Jessica Parker's hairstylist years ago who lamented that the straightening and then curling is what gave her the shiny, gorgeous bounce to her signature curls.  I think he is right.  The cuticle just won't lay flat or have as much bounce or body in most cases if you start from wet hair. If you are having trouble getting that shine or volume in your waves, try this. 

 As far as what I used to create this look, I find that a clampless curling iron works best for me.  They are super easy to use and create a soft wave in a pinch.  I use an Enzo Milano one and it seems to work just fine, although I hear fabulous things about the Sultra "Bombshell" one sold at Sephora too. See below for my newest lemming.

Sultra Bombshell Clampless Iron
(taken from

After the clampless iron, I spray the curls with a bit of L'oreal Enett hairspray, a hairstylist's favorite. I absolutely LOATHE hairspray and want to most often pull out my hair than spray it on my head, but I found this step is a necessary evil, and with Elnett I must say your hair does still stay soft and touchable. 

Does anyone have any other tips for making the perfect wave? I would love to know!


I'm Back..and it took me long enough!

So I have decided after a long absence due to personal circumstances, I really want to blog again! I hope everyone that reads this will keep the look out for my new and regular posts. Starting on the right foot for the new year, except for this darn cold that won't go away!

Hope all is well in the blogging world. I have some fabulous items, reviews and post ideas coming up. As for this quick post, I wanted to show you what I just bought. It's handmade, and SUPER AFFORDABLE (even though she ships from across the pond) from a very sweet girl I met through my blog, Amy (aka GlamourRouge).

Here is what I ordered-

I just adore the refreshing soft mint color. It won't stop snowing here on the East coast, and seeing single digits on the thermometer has given me a case of the winter blues. I say, bring on fun spring colors and accessories!

Check out her Etsy store. It has some super cute stuff. I got this shipped to the U.S for only like $20!

GlamourRouge Etsy 

Disclaimer: Since I haven't posted in a while I just wanted to go over that I am not affiliated with the store or the lovely girl that makes these things in any way, just a simple shout out because she is sweet!

See you all soon!