Friday, January 29, 2010

My View:Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

I really like Bobbi Brown's pot rouge's.  They really give your cheeks a fresh, dewy, wanna pinch-your-cheeks kinda glow. I have had them for some time, and my recent purchase, and subsequent return, of the MAC cremeblend blushes reminded me of just how lovely they are. (The MAC blushes are a lovely product, but broke me out. If they agree with your skin, I recommend them, although I tend to have problems with a lot of MAC skin stuff.)

I have five. The colors from the top are described in the photo below. They are (from Top Left)  Pink Raspberry, Calypso Coral, Raspberry, Summer Tan and Pale Pink. Sorry for the various swirls and finger marks; they are a well-loved product in my collection.

They are not a dry texture which I normally like in creme blushes, but as they are supposed to be for eyes and lips, and the creamy, almost buttery, texture works well here. They might not have the best staying power for me since they are so creamy and I am so oily, but I find setting it with a powder blush, or even a light translucent powder helps the staying power. I applied the pale pink today, and the beautiful flush I got was so natural and pretty, it made me want it to be summer! The product gives you that gorgeous flush I just love in summertime.  I tend to think Bobbi Brown's whole line, in general, is quality, beautiful stuff. These little beauties are no different!

They retail for $22 and come in about 10 different shades. There is a lot of product in there too, it will last your forever!


P.S-If you are interested in the shades available now, I looked on and listed the shades available here for everyone.

Cabo Coral-A pink nectar

Calypso Coral-A bright coral

Blushed Rose-A brown pink

Chocolate Cherry-A red brown

Milk Chocolate-A chocolate brown

Pale Pink-A bright pastel pink

Pink Truffle-A red pink

Powder Pink-A light pink

Raspberry-A deep raspberry pink

Velvet Plum-A red plum

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Favorite Things: A Good Watch

The watch pictured is my one of my favorite things and something I wear almost everyday.  I see a quality, classic watch as one of the true foundations to having a a great wardrobe. I received this watch from my parents when I graduated high school..quite a few years ago!  It is still beautiful and something I wear everyday. There are plenty of beautiful watches at all price points, and I think investing in one at any level is a great idea, especially one in a classic style. I was tempted to get the Chopard "Happy Diamonds" watch, (oh how I love their happy diamond line!), but I am glad I went with the perhaps what I saw as more "boring" choice (I was in high school); because it is something I wear to this day and will continue to wear well into the future.

This watch is the "Panthere de Cartier" in the small stainless-steel style. This specific watch model that has been discontinued, but there is a similar style that looks almost identical. I think the new style is also the "Panthere" style as this is a panther-link bracelet.

I have to say I love this watch, but I am loving the look of white watches at the moment. My other favorite dream watch would be the white Chanel J12 ceramic watch. So gorgeous!

What is your favorite watch?


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haul Time:MAC-Price Increase?

 have been pretty good at curbing the buying of beauty items I sorely do not need, however, I did receive a little package on my doorstep today courtesy of I always seem to have a on/off relationship with this brand, but they do really have some quality stuff that is fun and affordable compared to other department-store brands.  *Edited to include possible price increase at bottom*

I received:

Brush Cleanser

15 Eyeshadow Palette- I have too many single ones. It's time to depot to travel easier!

Eyeshadow pan in Gesso-A vivid, matte white

Eyeshadow pan in Blanc Type-A creamy beige, nice pigmentation. I like it better than Brule. Matte2 formula.

Okay, those look similar in photos, but they are very different in person.

The last two are from the MAC in Lillyland collection and the reason behind my ordering. I have "Joie de Vivre" and loved it (a beautiful pinky-coral, much less orange than it looks in the pan) and wanted the other two that would work for my coloring. The fourth was an orange tone that would be lovely on those with different coloring, but with strawberry-blonde hair, any kind of orange is a problem for me.  Overall though, they are a lovely dry texture that still blends beautifully into the skin. They are drier than the creme blushes, which on my oily skin, slip and slide off me in the blink of an eye.

Cremeblend Blush in Florida-lovely bright, hot pink (On the right)

Cremeblend Blush in So Sweet, So Easy-soft, light pink and it is similar to Bobbi Brown's pot rogue in pale pink. (On the Left)

*Something to Note: I do think the one cremeblend blush I have might be breaking me out (I have some issues with their skin stuff) these might be going back. If you are acne-prone, watch out. I am researching it further and not sure if it is the blush or not, but keep an eye out.

Price Increase?!!!

When I wrote this yesterday I was unaware that MAC was planning on a price increase, effective around Jan 31/Feb 1. Many say this rumor is true and say that the prices on eyeshadow are going up from $14.50 to $17.50 and the MSFN going up from something like $25 to $32. No one knows for sure, but the empty palettes seem to be the item most likely to go up in price, of around $2. Personally, I think raising prices of almost 30% on some items would be an ill-timed mistake on the part of MAC. If you raise prices, perhaps you could in small increments like you have before, to make the increase easier to accept for a lot of people that are still hurting in the recession. I also think MAC (or their parent company Estee Lauder) should take a good, hard look at their brand identity (I'm taking a bunch of marketing classes, what can I say?) and realize they are not Dior or Chanel. Even though after the price increase they still might be cheaper than these brands, they are taking away a strength of the brand identity that lead many to buy from them, and that is quality makeup at affordable prices, lower than others in the department store. Tsk, tsk MAC...I'm disappointed in you if this is true.

Well, it might not be true, but you may want to go get a few must-haves before this takes place everyone.


Monday, January 25, 2010

My View: Lorac Aquaprime Primer - A Silicone-Free Wonder!

A lot of people are very black and white about how they feel about primers. You like them or you see no need for them. If you can go without, and don't like em..more power to you! But I am on the side of the fence that I enjoy primers and think they do serve a purpose. Perhaps its more psychological than anything, but I like something that smooths out my skin before I put on liquid foundation. I don't like the feeling of slapping on foundation on my bare skin, and since my skin is so oily, it always seems to sink in and disappear immediately on me without primer. My problem has always been finding a primer that works for me, and doesn't break me out horribly. This has not been an easy feat.

However, I have found one recently that does both. First off, I have to tell you that I cannot use primers with silicone in them. They clog my pores and give me horrible cystic acne, so I stay far, far away from primers with silicone (of which I have tried them all until I figured out how sensitive I am to the silicone).   This is a problem though, because before  I found Lorac's primer, I saw silicone as the ingredient that usually works best to give you the smooth, even "primed" canvas for foundation.  Silicone-free primers always performed like the ugly stepsister of primers to me. Well, move aside ugly stepsisters, because I think that with my use of  Lorac's Aquaprime Primer I have found a silicone-free product that does what I have been looking for!

It is a silicone, oil, fragrance, and paraben-free primer that has a very watery, clear consistency as compared to other foundation primers.  It goes on very smooth and dries down quickly to a nice moisturized but still matte-like finish. Meaning it is a finish that isn't luminous or shiny, but still hydrated. I find it doesn't dry out the skin, and does provide the lightest hydration, light enough to tolerate for even very oily skin, but welcomed in that it doesn't cause flakey's or extra dryness.  I do think it helps my foundation apply smoother with less product and last both better and longer.

I really like this foundation primer because it is one that doesn't dry me out, break me out, or make my skin an oil slick, all of which every primer I have tried before has done in one way or another. I think I have been through every primer in Sephora, and this remains one I reach for everyday. A definite must-try for those silicone-sensitive ladies that are looking for a primer. It retails for around $30 and can be found at sephora,, and Lorac's own website,

Alternative 1: I would recommend this for all but the absolute driest of skins. If you have super dry skin, and want silicone-free, I think Korres' primer is a great choice. I liked it, except it is very hydrating, and made my oily skin a regular old grease-fest. It might be great for those looking for that hydration though.

Alternative 2: If you really need an oil-control formula (I often do in the summer or on certain days my skin freaks out on me), I would suggest using the Murad Oil Control Lotion SPF 15. It does a lovely job, although is very sticky (almost like glue). I use it either under my Lorac in the summer as an alternative to moisturizer or alone as a primer on days I''m going light on the makeup.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

My View:Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion

I recently heard my friend talking about Mario Badescu's Buffering Lotion as a good treatment for cystic or hard-to-treat pimples. Well, call me crazy, but I was so curious to see if it actually worked I got myself down to my local Ulta and bought it.

I was very skeptical to whether this worked or not, as I have found NOTHING that actually worked on those inground, cystic pimples that won't come to a head or ever go away, but I raced to get this anyway. I get a good few of those hard to treat pimples every once in a while, and it seems to take what feels like weeks to actually heal, and I would try anything that might speed up that process. So I tried this and a couple weeks into using it, and I actually see a difference! I seriously think it's a miracle, and I am crazy about this product because of it.

Can you see before it's shaken up, the layer at the bottom?

You shake the bottle up, as it has a clear liquid and then a powdery-white substance at the bottom. It then becomes a white liquid, to which you dot over the affected area. Now it doesn't make the sucker go away overnight or anything, but it seriously had reduced the size and severity of the pimples I have used it on noticeably after just one treatment.

Shaken (not stirred..haha)

Now it does have alcohol listed as one of the ingredients, and I know some people cannot use products with alcohol because it can be drying or irritating, but I think if you just place it on the pimple this won't be a problem. Something to think about though. I have very oily skin, so this might be a reason I didn't experience irritation from it. I need something to dry those kind of pimples up, or else they never go away!

I needed to share this because I know how annoying pimples can be, and I do find this works. It retails around $17 and most Ulta's I know carry the brand.  You can also get it at select Nordstroms, and xoxo

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cheap & Chic: Rimmel Max Volumeflash Mascara

I wanted to include a section of items to review that were a deal/steal...because who doesn't love a deal?!

I usually use high-end mascara, but a while back I became determined to find a drugstore variety that preformed as well as my high-end favorites (including Diorshow and YSL Faux Cils). I started using CG Lashblash, and I liked it, but I think that under a primer (Shiseido Mascara Primer) or even became clumpy and kinda gross after one coat. I saw some recommendations for this mascara floating around youtube and makeup websites and decided to give it a try...who doesn't love a hot pink tube of mascara?!

I REALLY like this mascara. Now I am the type of girl that prefers volumizing mascaras, since I don't need a whole lot of extra length in mine. This is a lovely, non-clumpy application. It has a large-ish wand, although not as large as something like Lashblast has. It goes on very opaque (very nice if you have light eyelashes like me) and doesn't get clumpy on me no matter how many coats I put. It someone makes them full and lush, almost like false eyelashes without becoming a spidery mess. Loves it!

It comes in two colors, "black"and "extreme black" and I have the black. My own gripe is I wish they had it available in a brown or black-brown so I could use it for everyday runnings-around, like after the gym or something. I have light eyelashes that are actually more clear in color they are so blonde, and brown or brown-black looks more natural on me for everyday. But the effect is so gorgeous, I find myself wearing this everyday despite the black color. People can just think I have naturally, long, thick lashes that make my eyes border on doll-like (in a good open, wide and awake way).

You should try it out! I love trying out  new mascaras and this is a really nice one that works well for me. Its around $6-7 dollars where I have found it at places like Ulta and Walgreens. xoxo

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shout-out Time:The Triple Threats!-Three Bloggers You Will Love

I just wanted to link a few of my favorite blog from some of my favorite youtubers. No one reads this blog...yet...but these ladies produce not just great youtube video's but great, interesting blogs I read as much as possible so I wanted to put this out there in case someone stumbles upon this site and wants to find some great things to read about and see elsewhere.  I love sharing the love. All these ladies are not only beautiful to look at, but have great taste and skill/smarts about sharing it with the world through their blogs and videos. All triple threats for sure!

So I thought I would share some of my favorites three at a time. I am sure you all know them, but I wanted to highlight them anyway : )

HRH Collection - This girl is celeb-worthy, jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and her blog is both pretty and interesting to read with great pictures and insights into her fabulous life, style and opinions. She also makes videos on youtube under the same name and seriously has some of the best taste and style I have seen online. She will have 200,000 subs in no time. I really think she is one of the best youtubers/bloggers out there and has style that is interesting and inspirational.

MakeupbyTiffanyD - Another beautiful girl that is SERIOUSLY talented in makeup application and all things beauty. She posts pictures and detailed reviews of the videos she does on youtube on her blog, and they are all great inspiration to everyone that likes makeup. Very sweet and sincere and all her opinions seem honest and genuine. Plus, check out her videos for her latest fab jewelry, gorgeous closet, and drool-worthy stash of makeup products.

Lollipop26- A beautiful Brit that oozes style and class in her makeup and beauty centered blog and youtube channel. Uh, maybe its the lame American in me, but I could listen to her all day. She isn't afraid to give her honest opinion about a product and has great suggestions that create lemmings both from high-end and drugstore brands.  Such a beautiful girl all around who has great style and taste in products. Her blog is also equally as interesting as her videos, and is updated often with some of the most cleverly-written and interesting posts around.

And since I'm a rule breaker I am going to add another name as a bonus...

The Current Custom- Another really beautiful girl that has a fabulous youtube channel and blog to boot. She does tons of great haul videos and has fabulous taste (I know I say that for everyone, but I wouldn't include someone that didn't) If you are into hair, you need to tune into her videos to see her ever-changing hair colors, all of which somehow wind up looking gorgeous. She is basically a real-life Barbie doll, in the best sense of the word, with great clothes, makeup and hair. I also like she gives her honest opinion and doesn't care what other people think of it. She has some serious girlpower (I can't believe I said that) and is a pleasure to listen to and watch! She also has some pretty jewelry for sale on her blog, which is always fun!

There you go everyone..I love sharing the love...enjoy!


Fashion Battle:Choo vs. Louboutain

On this post I thought I would share my favorite Christmas present I got from my wonderful parents (actually with what I have to say about how painful they are my Chanel sunglasses, a close second favorite, might be winning out)


My first pair of Christian Louboutain shoes!

 I was SO excited to get these, and had bought them beforehand to size myself, but only got to wear them for the first time when I went to the Ritz in Arizona over New Year's (I normally find myself living in my various Tory Burch Reva Flat' all-time favorite of mine and to be added to "My Favorites" list soon)

First off ladies..I can't believe I am saying this...but I have to be honest here...I don't know if I will be buying another pair of these heart breaks at the thought of this as I DREAM about a nude platform pair of peep toes from this man nightly...his shoes are BEAUTIFUL and I swoon over them all the time...but yikes are they uncomfortable!

...and I don't mean uncomfy like I feel all heels are...relatively speaking from the flats I normally wear..I mean REALLY uncomfortable. For the record they are the "Simple Pump" I think in the 120 (which I am pretty sure refers to the heel height)

For most Louboutains I know you have to size up, so me being normally a 6 or 6 1/2, I went up to a 7..and perhaps my mistake was not getting an even bigger size than that. These are tiny! I just couldn't imagine going beyond a size 7 as I have no shoes bigger than that. They are super narrow and equally super uncomfortable...and trust me ladies, I can walk in heels like a pro.

I was disappointed and sad about this, but I hope they will break in and soften up (the leather) as I wear them...and I WILL wear them..because painful or not...they are fabulous looking! I would probably just go back to what I see as the most comfortable high heel shoes in the world...that being the wonderful Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo's to me are so comfy and easy to walk in they make my Louboutain's feel like miny torture devices. I don't have many pairs to compare, but any one I have  worn in the past has been a pleasure to walk in. Kudos Tamara! ( of Jimmy Choo)

I'll leave you with a favorite pair of my Choo's...which I think resemble those dyeable bridesmaid shoes somewhat..HAHA..but they are pretty..and COMFY in person...

...while I wouldn't totally rule out trying other Louboutains in the future if I am lucky enough to get another pair someday..since different shoe styles might differ in comfort within the brand..this particular pair has definitely made me overall weary of the brand...I guess the point is girls, don't just buy those Louboutain's chasing after the red bottom..try them on and see for yourself, another high-end brands might work for you and your foot better if you are looking to splurge.


p.s. I find Prada's shoes to be equally as comfy and worth the investment. They are a dream to walk in for me also.

What's In My Makeup Bag?

I was surprised...not at much as's a minor miracle!

I guess it's not that interesting, but I thought I would do a piggyback post to my "What's in My Bag" post by showing what is in my makeup bag.

My makeup bag I use everyday is the Louis Vuitton "Toiletry Pouch 19." It is the mid-size model of three toiletry pouches, the 15, 19 and 26. The 15 is too small for me, and I thought that the 26 would be excessive, although I am sure that I would be able to fill it without much trouble. : )

I like it because it is the coated canvas material from Louis, and it basically indestructible, which I find fabulous. You can wipe it out and all around easy peasy and all that makeup that can get inside the bag, no matter how careful you are you know it happens, the bag looks brand new years later. I can't stand makeup bags with old battle scars of makeup battles past. A fresh, new makeup bag is the best, but with the lining in this one, I never need to replace. Something nice to invest in if you love your makeup as much as I do. It could probably double as a clutch too.

Back to the makeup...

I have a few important, ever-changing things with me today. They include:

*Fresh Brown Sugar Body Creme (I rotate various travel size hand creme/body creme's with me and this is the current one..found in my stocking..very nice..smells a bit lemony fresh so if you are not into those kinds of smells and think it reminds of you Pine wouldn't like this..also its not super moisturizing for winter really..great for summer though I would think..has a lovely texture)
*MAC Blot Powder-best product for shiny faces like mine. Ah, definitely a favorite!
*Chanel Pressed Powder (hmmm..I suppose I don't need this if I have the other one do I? Lovely powder too..although as much as I need to touch up I prefer the Blot)
*Bobbi Brown Concealer Compact-It is a compact that she used to sell (I think it is still available on QVC) that has a small pot of corrector, concealer, her foundation stick and powder. While the powder is so small its useless, I use the concealer and foundation stick if I need some covering. This is also a great product for evening clutches since it is tiny and has everything you need in it!)
*Tiny stub of Dior Brow Pencil-My brows always disappear, and I have clear-blonde eyebrows to begin I keep an eyebrow pencil on hand at all times. I'm on the search to find a product that stays all day, haven't found it yet)
*Rimmel Volume Max Mascara-The hot pink tube in my makeup bag is my newest find, and I love it! It is better than Covergirl Lashblast, which was initially the only mascara from a d/s I used. Its great...I'm doing a review soon..loves it!
*Chanel Mascara-a sample I use instead of the Rimmel if I don't have it me some lashes!
*Stila Eye Kajal in Topaz-great inner rim liner and only pencil formula I use and like. I prefer liquid or gel but these pencils are fabulous!
*Korres Lip Butter in Guava-This over the next product is my go-to everyday casual lip. Moisturizing, not too glossy and pretty. Love it!
*Tweezerman lash comb
*Bobbi Brown Blush/Bronzer Duo-The bronzer in light and her pale pink blush are two of my favorite products. This was a limited edition, but its great to carry with two products in one.

...whew! That seemed like a lot more products now that I write those down. The last four are my favorite lip products ever...and yes they all resemble each other. I have super pigmented lips and use these to make a pretty neutral lip. They are...

*YSL Rogue Pur Lipgloss..I think it is in 1..its beautiful and gives a high gloss shine
*Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss in Pearl Sugar...I LOVE this color and product..its sticky (which I like..its stays on and doesn't run down your lips or look like you just ate fried chicken) and the perfect not-to-glossy pearly sheer color. It has since been discontinued, and makes me tear up just thinking of it. I am hoarding it where I can find it...*sigh*
*NARS lipgloss in striptease..lovely color if you want to mute out your lips like I do mine

Oh and two more stragglers...

*The YSL Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick in Natural Beige..lovely color..a bit slippery for my liking, but its a creamy, luxurious formula with enough pigment to tone out my pigmented lips a bit. YSL lipsticks are the best!
*My Coco Mademoiselle Purse Spray...a scent I have worn since it came out in 2001. Twist up and smell yummy...fabulous!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My View: Benefit's Stay, Don't Stray

This is a fairly new product that I was interested in ever since MakeupbyTiffanyD (her name on youtube..check her out..she is fantastic!) talked about the now defunct FYEye primer by the same brand. I wanted to try a Benefit eye primer and compare it to the one I love and use everyday-Urban Decay Primer Potion.

It is a product with an interesting concept, with some benefits...and a few flaws that I feel the company needs to work out if this is to be their go-to eye primer.

First, it come in a little pump bottle, which is the worst applicator bottle I have ever seen. It is really frustrating and reason enough not to buy it again. There is no way to control the pressure on the nozzle and you wind up with a HUGE blobby mess that no person can possibly use in one application. It is a total waste of the product, and the cheap plastic container with a pump you can't control really annoyed me.

Stupid Pump! It is a mess!

The product itself is meant to be a a primer used both on and under the eyes, that is you can use it to prime for eyeshadow and concealer under the eyes. I think it does a decent job on both, with the winner being under the eyes. I think it does a pretty good job at keeping your concealer under your eyes from creasing without looking cakey, which is nice if you have oily skin like me.  I like that it is a creamy, silky texture for under the eyes and it glides on nicely there, however this can get a little messy, especially on the eyelid. I found the creamy, almost slippery texture a bit hard to slop around the eye (partially due to how much product was globbed out), and I like a drier texture of a MAC paint pot or UDPP, which I find is easier to control on the eyelid.

Big glob of it swatched on sheers out on the shouldn't use a lot of it, even though a ton comes out of the bottle

After using it for several weeks I won't be repurchasing this least right now. I think it may be worth a try for those looking for something that might help undereye concealer stay in place, or if you need a creamy, silkier texture for an eyeshadow primer because of crepey lids or just by preference. Also, if they repackage it with a better pump, I may consider.

All this aside, I will say that when the product did dry down, I did not experience any creasing from normal, everyday wear. I have super oily eyelids and eyeshadow isn't possible for me unless I have a primer, so I guess this is a good point for the product. Overall though, my next purchase would be back to UDPP..which I see as of now as a superior product for your money. Especially the new color out by Urban Decay which is called Eden...a more opaque, nude primer than the original, which looks promising for those wanting more coverage from a primer. Review of that soon to come!  xoxo

What's In My Bag?

...apparently enough stuff to sustain a small community of people for a good couple days!

I had to do one of these posts because they are my favorite thing to look at or watch on Youtube. I was going to ponder what the obsession some of us (read:me) have with looking at "What's in my bag/purse?" tags...well I can answer that...I am a total handbag-a-holic. And although I am in a savings phase at the moment (like a real-savings-cause-i'm-an-adult-and-need-to-be-responsible, not a saving-for-the-next-LV-bag-I'm-drooling-over- usual) I have a particular fondness, ehem, obsession with all things purse. Especially Louis Vuitton. As much as I would like to have a Chanel (maybe) and a Birkin (oh dear lord let's hope)..I have a fondness and attraction to everything LV does. You can see a bit of that in my bag and it's contents.

For the record the black bag I am carrying is the Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy 30. It is beautiful textured leather, and my newest bag in my collection. I like it because its LV, but not the mono (of which I have plenty of)...and goes so well with all the dark colors of fall and winter we are wearing now.

The contents inside my love are...

*My LV wallet (a really old one I don't think they make anymore..but the Sara style is similar)
*LV cosmetics bag (whats in this is to come in another post)
*LV Trunks and Bags pouchette (has hand creme and lippies or just randomness)
*Bloomie's cosmetic bag (includes my hairbrush, purfume, hand santizer and the like..I particuraly love it cause my mom got it for me and it reminds me of our days together at the Short Hills Bloomie's and eating yogurt!)
*Chanel Sunglasses
*Wet Ones (I like to sanitize everything..hands, card steering wheel etc...I really am turning into my mom!)
*Sigma Travel Brush Set (Nice for the price..a review to come shortly)
*Mason Pearson Travel Hair Brush (best brushes ever...I like the combo boar and nylon bristles..all boar doesn't brush anything well imo)
*Car Keys with LV card case

My Favorite Things: Best. Margarita. Ever

I had to dedicate a separate post to the particular blend of deliciousness that was the Mango Margarita at Turquesa, Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain. I don't even like tequila, and the even more pathetic attempts many resorts or places outside of the Southwest or Mexico to pass off some pathetic libation as a frozen margarita makes me often really dislike tequila. That being said, the margaritas at the Ritz will change your mind.

The original ones at this resort are good too, in fact the mango margarita is just an original frozen one swirled with mango puree, but the combo of its viscosity and thickness, not watery or melted, but thick, sweet and delicious, make it a combo that literally has me salivating like some Pavlovian dog over here. I have been classically conditioned through my love of the mango margarita.

Even if you don't like tequila, or you don't like mango, get the original, but you must try one (I like frozen, most likely due to the fact I like anything that resembles a slushie..and brings back fond memories of slushies during summer in childhood) It will change your life.

The equally yummy Grilled Mahi-Mahi Fish Tacos that went with said Margarita

I will take a break to highlight the above picture and how yummy these fish tacos were. I have never had fish tacos, as I was never a Mexican food fan in my youth. But let me tell you, these were GOOD.

There are so many places I want to see, so going back to a place multiple times isn't always in my cards, but I would go back to this place just to get another fix of these things. Seriously, the guy asked me if I liked it during lunch and I told him the only way I would be happier is if they wheeled on over an IV stand and bag and just poured that mango deliciousness straight in. Try one...and thank me later. xoxo

Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountain

I decided my first full review would be about a new Ritz Carlton Resort that opened up Mid-December 2009, and to which I took a trip to over New Year's with my lovely parents. It is the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain, and is located in Marana, AZ. Marana is in Southern Arizona (think an hour and a half or so south of Phoenix for those not familiar), a little north of Tuscon...and the place is beautiful. The pictures do not do it justice. The above is moi at the pool looking at the resort from the back. Now that I'm back home and freezing my behind off, these pictures are making me bitter...and pale! But nonetheless, let's continue!

Below is the firepit at the center of the back of the resort, past the lobby, and showing the beautiful mountains the entire hotel is set up against. 

When I say the place is beautiful I mean both the state, city and actual resort. First let's start off with the majestic beauty that is Arizona, in particular southern Arizona. Growing up on the east coast, the place looks like another the best way possible. I find the beauty of the landscape in the area to be both beautiful, awe-inspiring and tranquil. The next picture below is of some of the grounds, which blend the desert landscape with beautiful verdent accents of lush green. 

The resort itself is located tucked among and facing back towards some beautiful mountainous terrain. It is a winding drive up to the resort into a sort of oasis tucked back into huge mountains and hills behind it (lets say I grew up in a place with no mountains so my judgement on huge is relative here people) It is unlike any Ritz Carlton you have probably been before, I looked at it as a huge glamorous "luxury lodge" -type atmosphere. The lobby is open through sliding floor-to-ceiling glass panels, to the large half-moon area outside where most of the outdoor action is. There is a large fire pit and outside seating, and further beyond is an infinity pool and outdoor grill, Turquesa. Beyond this are individual guest casitas (a little guest house of sorts), and beyond that are the gorgeous mountains. You feel both tucked in and wide open to the beautiful space that the Ritz encompasses (and that is a large space...850 acres, which makes it the largest Ritz in North America by terms of acres, not actual building) To go to the Spa, Golf Course and other activities, you have to head from the front of the building out.

This is the pool area and the casitas in the background

We stayed in what the Ritz calls the "concierge level" in its resorts, and let me tell you, don't reserve a room here unless you plan on never being able to go to a resort without one of these amenities. My family made the mistake of this all the way back in childhood, taking my brother and I to Disneyworld and booking the concierge level at the Grand Floridian through the recommendation of a work friend of my dad's....and we have been hooked ever since.

The Concierge Lounge 

The concierge level differs in many resorts, but generally, its a floor or two of rooms that share a common lounge, accessed only by key card. The lounge has concierge on hand at all times, and serves free food and drink throughout the day. Here at the Ritz, it was a continental breakfast (including cooked items like bacon and eggs),fresh fruit, coffee, tea, espresso, granola, cereal and anything you could want. They also had a light lunch serving, and afternoon snack, pre-dinner appetizers and drinks and desserts. They are put out for a few hours and all the food and drink (read: Alcohol) is complimentary (well you pay the premium for the room I guess...but no extra is charged after that). This is another thing you must try if you can swing it. The concierge level will change your life...and leave you spoiled for the rest of it. And I'm not saying its cheap to do this by any means, but having a free breakfast for your family and/or free champagne/wine/liquor for yourself at night really pays for the extra you put down for the room. Totally worth me!

The citrus groves in the back for the resort's restaurants to use 

Back to the resort. If the pictures don't tell you how beautiful it is, let me say it one more time. This place is gorgeous. The service is kind and attentive and the rooms are fresh, modern and luxurious. The golf course is beautiful (my dad's review..not mine..he also said its HARD..but gorgeous), the spa is divine (even compared to some top spas I have been before) My only one problem with the whole resort was the pathetic excuse for toiletries they use. Seriously...I wish I took a picture. They are "ritz carlton brand" (to which I frankly miss the designer brands you get at other resorts like L'Occitane at the Four Seasons and Aqua di Parma, which you used to get at the Ritz)..and they stink! They are only large enough to use once...I have to use the whole bottle of shower gel for your body..and it won't even lather. The quality is poor and doesn't reflect to the quality all-around of the resort and its reputation.

Horrible toiletries aside (and that is a big deal to beauty-obsessed me, trust me), the place is so darn pretty and relaxing..I would return and use those awful products anyday just so I can stay there again. Bravo Ritz..even in the throws of a recession, you didn't cut corners (well except that darn shower gel) in your resort and made another fabulous, luxurious, yet unpretentious addition to your that really echoed the down-to-earth beauty of the place you built it in. If you think Ritz's are snobby, intimidated by them, or one that dislikes the sleek marble up the wazoo flashiness of some resorts and places...come won't be sorry.  I said it before but I have to say it again, these pictures are nowhere near as beautiful as it actually is. I'll blame that on the camera and not my pathetically amateur photography skills. xoxo L

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Favorite Things:MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel

I wanted to title this post...Dear Dr. Gross..How I love you...let me count the ways...

I am so fickle with products, and attracted to shiny, new things like a 3-year old, it takes a lot to make "my favorite things"..which are all-time favorite products or things that seriously impacted my life for the better. This thing is one that changed my skin for the a way no other product has done...ever.

First off, let's talk about how annoying and not-so-great my skin is. I have oily, acne-prone skin with very enlarged, congested pores all over, especially in the nose, chin and T-zone area. A majority of products break me out or do nothing for me. My pores are so enlarged and congested, sometimes it frustrates me to no end. I have tried just about everything, including other AHA and BHA products to help me, and nothing has shown any discernible difference...until I started using these MD skincare peel pads.

I tried one pad on a whim, as it was a sample given in a Neiman's beauty order many, many months ago. I was bored and frustrated with my skin and decided to give the peel a whirl. It is a two step system in which you swipe one pad on your skin (the one with AHA and BHA for exfoliating) ...wait 2 minutes..and then wipe the other pad on your skin (the neutralizing and soothing one with retinal) My skin felt like a baby's butt after this. It was smooth and glowing. Now I can't say it helped my acne or pores after this, but it was so lovely it made me order right on the spot.

I am now two months into the system, and I can say it has shown actual positive results for my skin, acne, post-acne scarring, and pore size/congestion. It took a little while, and I did experience purging, at first (I broke out and had almost worse pore congestion than before in the beginning, so don't freak out if you are doing this regime does get better!) but it was all worth it. My acne is more under control (I don't have that much to begin with but I find I break out less), one particular acne scar I have is actually disappearing (nothing would make it go away!) and most of all my pore size and pore congestion has decreased greatly. I couldn't be more happy with a product, and haven't been at any point in my life. (I'll take a pic of my shelf of stuff I have tried if I'm brave to show you just how much crap I use and have tried)

The system is expensive, I buy the 60 day supply for $128 from either or (both great sites with great customer service) The 30 day supply is around $78. It is worth that money and more. If you have ever had a problem with acne, scarring or pores in your life you know what I mean, and I really recommend trying this because it might really help. Try going to a place like Sephora and seeing if they can give you one of the travel packs as a sample. I think you will see how lovely it is after one try. Then if you buy, give it time and I really think you will see a difference.

Another thing to note is that although I am still in my 20s, and not overly concerned with aging, if you do have that concern the acid in the peels and the retinol are also supposed to help with fine lines and wrinkles, as well as thinking to stimulate collegen production (what keeps skin supple and firm) I see it as a good all-around product for all ages!

The image is from great website. Good service, product selection and they have sales and promotions all the time. Sign up for their emails, and you get lots of promos and chances to save! Xoxo

Dear FTC...

This is a post letting everyone (and the FTC) know that all the products, services or likewise featured in this blog have been bought by me with my own money. None of the items are given to me to review, or paying me in any way...and all of it is my honest opinion. This is something I am doing for me, and honest opinions are the only way I would put a product on here to review or rate..good or bad. I'm not here to appease anyone or any brand. If, in a snowball's chance in you-know-what, someone ever send's me something and it's something I didn't pay for, I will let you know. Otherwise, all bought with my own money...and always my own, honest opinion.



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