Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break Time!

Just wanted to let everyone know I will be posting not very much this week, as I have the whole week off for spring break! Mommy and I will hopefully be going to NYC to see a show, shop and sleepover at the Ritz. Here is to hoping I find some great spring finds when I am home. Hope everyone has a great week, and finds luck spring shopping too! Posts every other day or more as usual next weekend when I am back to reality : ) 

Peonies are my favorite flower! 

Love you all! Let me know if you found anything fun while spring shopping too, I would love to hear! 


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

POTD: Purse of the Day and Other Loves : )

Today's POTD (since I have a slight obsession with purses) was my Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Damier Ebene. It is the middle size of the three Neverfull sizes available, and I got it for my birthday a couple years back before it was available in the states on a family trip to Maui. As sad as I was to have it widely available now everywhere, I still love it. It's cute and easy with jeans and brown and it fit's so much of my stuff in it. I also like it better than the big size, which I have in the Monogram Canvas, but it really so big it is more for travel than anything else, at least on me. It went nicely with my super casual outfit today consisting of my dark skinny jeans and brown boyfriend cardi. Loves it!

I also wore these shoes with it, to give the outfit a bit of shine and interest. They are by Burberry and are super cute on.

The other love of the day was my nail polish. Excuse the not-so-fab picture, but it is a really fabulous color on! It's by OPI and called OPI on Collins Ave, and its a lovely bright (not neon though) coral, which looks so fresh and summery to me. I tested it out on my hands and am so getting my next pedicure with it. I can't wait!

I would also like to thank Sarah from Sarah Soda for giving me another lovely award. I have been having a rough week, and all your love has made me feel so much better. She has such a nice blog, you need to go check it out. I was drooling at all the cute Lush stuff she just got. I need that yellow egg gift for Easter! Thanks again Sarah, love ya girl!

Did you guys have any loves of the day from your outfit today?

I joined Bloglovin today too! Does anyone belong? You can follow my blog there too!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Blog Award/Tag

I got tagged for this lovely award from the gorgeous Nadia (UrbanMermaid) on her blog It's Always Summer on the Inside for this adorable blog award! Thank you so much darling! She has one of my favorite blogs (and head of amazing hair) around, so you must check her out!

The rules:

- Post the award on your blog

- Link the person who has given you the award

- Pass the award to 15 other blogs you’ve discovered

- Remember to contact the bloggers you’ve nominated

Now I am supposed to pass this onto some of my favorite fellow bloggers/blogs.  Here are my choices:

Lorraine-Lowster - She won my first contest prize and chose Nars Lovejoy Blush! : ) 

Eek, I am so bad at this you guys. All the links confuse me, and I know I forgot people.  I also know some of you gorgeous ladies might have gotten this award already, sorry if I missed that, but I wanted to pass the love on to some of the blogs I adore. Mwah to all of you! And thank you again Nadia , you are the best. I was having a bad day, and this turned it around! 


Saturday, March 20, 2010

How I Changed My Skin:Part I

This is going to be a series of posts that goes over how I have noticed a huge, positive change in my skin. I have oily skin and have dealt with acne for 10 years. The very enlarged, congested pores, oiliness and breaking out monthly was really getting to me, and this routine I have been using has really made a difference. I have not broken out this month for the first time in memory and I can't believe it! Now my skin is not perfect and I am not sure it ever will be, but the overall tone, texture, and clarity has improved so much, I have to share the products I am using. All of them seem to help to make a difference.

Now onto step one in my skin care routine.

Part 1: Removing Makeup/Oil Cleansing 

While I know that oil cleansing scares the ever loving crap out of some people, especially those with oily skin (me included), there has been no better way to remove all the stuff from your skin so your cleanser can clean effectively and work like it should. This kind of cleanser really cuts through any kind of hard to remove makeup (foundation to waterproof mascara), sunscreen, oil, sweat etc, even for oily skin, and doesn't break me out at all.  It's really amazing!

As you can see, I have been using this a while, to make sure it worked and didn't break me out. It's great! 

The kind that I currently use is Boscia's Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil. While it is an oil, if it makes any sense, it doesn't feel too oily or greasy on your skin. I would shudder to think about some oils I have felt rubbing all over my face at the end of the day..yuck! It glides really nicely on the skin, doesn't really foam (I know some do), but lathers up a bit when mixed with a little oil and really dissolves everything.

All I do is take one pump and glide it over my dry skin. When you rub this around your face, I was shocked at how quickly literally everything was dissolved on my face. It took about two seconds and my long wear makeup and sunscreen is broken down, and my face is washed clean. Its amazing! I find rubbing it on dry skin really helps the makeup dissolve the best and then I mix it a bit on my face with water and rinse off. I feel no oily or greasy residue after either, which is great! This one is done at night, if I am wearing makeup or sunscreen, or if I am particurlarly oily and/or sweaty and is skipped if I do not feel I need it. I usually need it though and most nights I use it.

I don't just use a cleansing oil, however, since I do have oily skin, I want all the residue or lingering gunk to be washed proper cleansing is next for me, and will be covered in Part 2!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Estee Lauder-Who Knew?!

Do you ever have a brand that just isn't in your consciousness or one that has never captured you before until you tried one product randomly and thought "Wow-who knew?!" This has been my experience recently with Estee Lauder. For one reason or another the thought of Estee Lauder in general doesn't really excite me all that much. I don't know if it's because it has been around so long, and I associate the brand with my mother or grandmother, but it just never really excited me enough to want to purchase anything from them in a long time.

That all changed when I was looking for a new foundation and was told I have to try Estee Lauder's Doublewear. I hadn't thought of Estee Lauder before, but have heard great things about the foundation before, so I went out to try it.  I walked on over to the Estee counter and got myself the foundation (which I love btw), but while I was there, out of boredom or just perhaps because I have a problem with shopping, I picked up a few of their color items as well from their new summer "Michael Kors Very Hollywood" and "Bronze Goddess" collection...and I gotta say, I am in love!

Foundation to me is more of a utilitarian necessity than anything else, and I don't care what brand it is from, as long as it works and doesn't break me out. But I was surprised at the color items I bought there, and how wonderful and exciting they were! I got three products besides the foundation and I really do like them all. They are great quality, and look beautiful on. It makes me want to go get more from them! Where were you all my life Estee Lauder?!

The first two products are from the Michael Kors line and they are his blush in "coral sunset" and a lipgloss in "honey blonde" and they are both gorgeous! The blush is pigmented and looks like a beautiful flush on the skin. While I dislike the packaging and think the stupid, worthless blush brush should be done in with in favor of more product, I think it is a beautiful and quality blush. While it is shimmery in the pan, I do not find it to be shimmery on the skin.

In the pan

Swatch on finger (sorry, no makeup today so I can't show it on skin!)

I also love the lipgloss and it is one of my favorite colors on my lips. Pigmented enough to give a sexy, nude shine, but not too much to make you look like a corpse. It does have a strange purfume scent to it, which I didn't dislike but I would have preferred it to be unscented, as the scent is distracting. The color is so gorgeous though, I will suffer for it! It is also a little bit sticky, which I enjoy since it stays on the lips a little longer than one that slides around on you.

The third product I got was from the "Bronze Goddess" collection and it is their "bronzing blush." It is a melange of bronze and coral-pink together in a zebra pattern (so cute) that you swirl together and get a great sunny coral-pink glow to the cheeks. It is not super pigmented, but glowy and gorgeous, so I like it best on top of another blush for a statement look (I like statement blush).  It is a cheap package, in that you can feel how plastic and light it is, but the result on the skin is so pretty, I like it anyway.

When swirled together

While the products do have some drawbacks (smelly lipgloss, and cheap packaging and that stupid brush), the product really surprised me in a good way and I think it is a line worth taking a second look at.

Do you have any brands that you have experienced this "who knew?!" phenomenon? Let me know or do a post on your own blog about it and paste a link in the comments. I think it would be a fun tag to do to learn about new brands or lines perhaps some of us haven't thought about before for one reason or another.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Contest Winner, Awards and Thank You's : )

Thank you all so much who participated in my very first contest! I am so excited to send out the prize, and want to hold another one very soon. On that note, if you ever have suggestions for another prize you would like to see, feel free to email or comment me to let me know. I was thinking the next prize will be Lush related, since so many of you can't find it in your respective countries (and its fab of course!)

But for now, I wanted to announce the winner of this NARS prize.

Set #1:

I just typed in the number of comments and went to to get a number. It was 16, so I took the 16th comment is Lorraine from Lowster! Sorry if you don't like this method, but I thought it was the best one for the circumstance : ) 

For those that didn't win, I will be having another giveaway very soon!

I would also like to thank the gorgeous Pippa from her beautiful blog Clashing Time for giving me the cutest award!

She is darling, and her blog is a pleasure to look at, you must check it out! She also just started an anti-bullying blog, Clashing Time Anti-Bullying, which I think is brilliant and sweet of her. Bullying, in any form or medium, is not acceptable to me. You need to go and support her blog to make a stand against  people who apparently have nothing better to do than become victims of their own self-loathing by putting other people down. In life and online I have experienced this, and it hurts. We should all be here to support each other : )

I would also like to thank one of my other favorite bloggers Stella for tagging me on her blog for a "3's of me questions" tag. I know you all are dying to read that from me. I am working on it, but wanted to thank her first since I am so slow at these tag things. Thanks Stella! Go to her blog's wonderful!

I would also like to thank Couture on her blog for giving me the Happy 101 award. Her blog is lovely, go check it out!

All the tags and the passing on of these awards will go up as soon as I get back home. A little rest for a few days because I have been working 24/7, but I will catch up on everything after this : )  Thanks dolls!


Monday, March 15, 2010

My View:Mac Liberty of London First Thoughts

I am home visiting my lovely parents and brother, who is on spring break from law school for a few days, but I wanted to post a quick picture of the MAC items that came in the mail for me from the Liberty of London Collection. I haven't had time to test them out other than swatching them, so I will review them further when I get a chance, but wanted to post some pictures in case anyone was debating whether or not to buy things from there. Sorry about the distracting marble background. I am not at my house and didn't have a great place to take the pictures.

I was unsure of the packaging at first, but I actually really like it! So fresh and springy! Although when my mom saw it, specifically the bird on the lipgloss, she said "Holy smokes! It looks like Ed Hardy!" LOL..I didn't even know she knew what Ed Hardy was, but I can assure you it is much prettier and feminine than most of that stuff.

 Shell Pearl (a beauty powder) looks beautiful! It is a peachy-pink sheer powder that when swatched looks glowy and sheer, not shiny or glittery, which I like. It would be a beautiful highlighter on any complexion.  I would get this one while you can, it really is gorgeous!

Shell Pearl 

Bough grey was more like Bough *sigh* to me. I had such good hopes for it and at first looks great, but when swatched doesn't have the best texture or color payoff..and by that I mean no color payoff and a crappy texture. Way to miss it on this one MAC. It was HORRIBLE when I swatched it. I couldn't even see anything. I would skip unless you have seen it in person and disagree.

The lipglass in Frankly Fresh is very pretty. Typical MAC gloss, which isn't my favorite gloss formulation ever, but this one is a coral tinged pinky-nude that really is very fresh and pretty looking. Might have to buy a backup, it really is lovely, even on pigmented lips.

I will have more pictures and swatches up later, since I think I shall hit the local MAC store around my parents to maybe get a couple more things. Bad Logan! The collection is so different and new, I find it a pleasant and refreshing change from MAC, which I think sometimes just turns out stale, rehashes of their old stuff and labels it as "new." This is a collection definitely worth looking at!

Also, I know I have lots of thank you's and tags/awards to do, and I will get on that very soon. Just wanted to spend a couple days without work or worry with the fam : ) Love you all!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Contest Reminder!

My contest ends soon, on this Tuesday March 16th,  for the NARS grand prize (a choice of blush or the Temptation set) if you haven't already, scroll down a few posts and be sure to enter! Winner will be announced Wednesday March 17th.


Or your choice of any NARS blush!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies that have entered so far!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lush Bath:Part II

Sex bomb, sex bomb, she's a sex bomb....

Isn't that an old song, or am I going nuts? Possibly a little of both, huh? ANYWAY...So today I bring you my second bath bomb that I used out of my "Let's Get Fizzical" set from LUSH. Here is another look at what the set looked like.

Today (obviously) I used the "Sex Bomb" bath bomb from the set. I remember it being my favorite from years ago when I last used bath bombs from LUSH, and it did not disappoint me this time either. Here is what the little baby looks like:

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb-the bottom half is pink also

So cute right?! It is really fragrant even after you plop her in the bath too, which I love. Some of the ones I have used don't smell at all after you plop them down in the water, and I don't find that acceptable! I want the water to be a pretty color and to smell yummy as well.

Plop, Plop...Fizz!

This one is really fragrant in a beautifully sensual way. Reminds me of my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle not in that it smells exactly like that, but has the same warm, jasmine, sexy "mood" fragrance emitting from it like Chanel. It turns your bath a really pretty pink color, and doesn't emit any junk that will clog up your drain. The only thing that the bath bomb has in it is paper-thin rose petals (synthetic soap like, not real ones) that float around and disappear with the warmth of the bath.

The water turns a pretty light pink color 

I love this bath bomb. I think if you want a good first bath bomb experience, I would go look at this one. Although I did find it more uplifting in the scent than relaxing, so keep that in mind.  I am going to keep going through the rest and look for one that is relaxing ( I love relaxing scents) but I still love this one and will definitely repurchase it!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

My View:Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion

Perhaps because it is overshadowed by the cult-like popularity of its eyeshadow primer cousin, but the lip primer potion by Urban Decay is a product I feel that doesn't get enough love. Well I love this stuff, and think it is an underrated product in the Urban Decay line. Sometimes I like what it does to my lips so much I wear it alone.

It is a balm-like consistency that smooths out and primes the lip for other lip products. While it isn't traditionally something that is meant to tone down the color of very pigmented lips (like MAC lip erase) as it is a clear consistency while applied, I find that it does smooth my lips out so nicely that the color isn't as noticeable or distracting as my lips are pre-product... and trust me, it looks like I had a fight with a cherry popsicle with nothing on, I should know. 

It kind of makes your lips look like "your lips but better" or puts your lips through something like a soft focus filter on a camera the way it perfects the lip's canvas. If you have full lips, or lines on your lips you should check this out, it really makes my lips so much better looking. It also does make your lipstick stay on slightly longer, although I don't find it makes my lip products wear all day or anything. But it makes my lips look airbrushed, so product wear aside, I love this baby! 


I also wanted to thank Sarah for tagging me for another award. Her blog, Sarah xo, is one of my favorites, and she is such a sweetheart! You made my day Sarah, thank you!

I will get on that tag asap, but as you know, I am painfully slow at being able to make posts with all those links in them. Whew, takes a lot out of this blonde's head..haha Thanks again Sarah, love ya!

Don't forget to enter the contest below!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Blushing for You:Contest Time!

It makes me incredibly happy to have such lovely people who have decided to follow along with my blog. I said I would do a contest when I got above 50 followers, so no time like the present! I am blushing thinking about the number of followers and sweet comments so far, so I wanted this first prize to be what I think is the best blush on the market : )


The prize that the winner will win is a choice of two things, both from one my my most favorite makeup brands on the planet, NARS. The prize choice is:

Nars Temptation Set:

It contains Nars Super Orgasm Blush and Orgasm Nailpolish. I bought it specifically for the contest and swatched the tester in Sephora and it looks really beautiful! 

I think it's cute! 


Your choice of any shade of NARS blush: 

This is a pic of some of the NARS blushes I have in my collection so you can get the idea.
 Oooh, pretty colors right?! Yours will be brand new from Sephora of course!

I bought the Temptation set at Sephora for the contest, but got mixed reviews about it when I asked people if it was something they would like to win. So I added an option to the winner to choose any shade of NARS blush they want and I will send them that, since some of you might not find that particular blush or nailpolish flattering to their skintone. Thank you Emily for the suggestion! 

I also will most likely throw in a few other goodies and samples for the winner : ) 


Only rule I have is that you have to be a follower. I know I had a question about this, and all you have to do to follow is press the "follow" button on the ride side of every page on my blog. It's free and pretty easy to do. 

You can be from any country around the world, doesn't  matter, as long as I am able to ship to you, I will. If there is some shipping problem with your country (I cant imagine how but haven't sent much overseas besides to Iraq so I don't know) and you win, we can work it out somehow. Also, if you are underage, please ask your parents, because I need your address if you win. 

How to Enter:

Just write a comment in this post letting me know you would like to enter ("enter me" is fine) and I will enter you! 

When does the contest end?

It will be open to comments until next week, on Tuesday March 16th. Then I will use to pick the winner. 

Be sure to enter!!!  I don't get that many comments or have that many readers yet, so you have a really good chance to win!  Ebay or pawn it if you don't like it, I don't care, it is just supposed to be a little token to thank everyone for reading my blog thusfar : ) 

Lots of contests and different prizes to come soon too!  Good luck! 


Monday, March 8, 2010

What's in My Bag?:Clutch edition

So "What's in my Bag/Purse?" posts and videos are some of my favorite. I did one for my everyday bag a while back, but thought I would do one for the clutch I used to go out in last Saturday. I met up with my lovely friend Kristy for sushi and had drinks with her and Ashley and it was so fun. Love you girls <3

I carried a Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Pouchette in Black.

It's always hard for me to carry a clutch because even though I love them I carry so much stuff I can never fit everything in them. It's my goal to edit it down enough to use these on a regular basis, although I might have put my keys into Kristy's purse that night because I refused not to carry less than several lipglosses with me at all times. A girl never knows! 

Here is what was in my bag (minus my cell which is a white Google G1, which I hate. I had it in my bag but forgot to include that in the pic, but I want an Iphone anyway, so boo on you G1, no picture for you!): 

*A Louis Vuitton Pouch with cards, cash, hairtie etc in it and my keys attached. I use this everytime I go out, its so useful!
-Mac Blot Powder
-Bobbi Brown Compact with blush/bronzer
-Bobbi Brown touch up concealer stick
-Mini Fresh Supernova mascara
-YSL lipstick
-YSL lipgloss Pur in #1
-Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in Pearl Sugar
-Mini Sigma Blush Brush
-Mini Chanel Coco Mademoiselle roll-on purfume (the scent I wear everyday)
-Breath mint drops 

How do I manage to have so much lipgloss (which all look the same) and I can't fit my keys or phone in the

Any must-haves you tuck in your bag for a night out?


Contest up tomorrow! 

TAG:Sunshine Blog Tag Award.

I was tagged and given this award by the very gorgeous Nadia (Urban Mermaid) from her lovely blog It's Always Summer on the Inside. Two awards in one week! I feel so blessed, thank you : )

So cute! Makes me think of warm weather...yay!

I love reading all the lovely blogs of my followers. Reading about beauty, fashion, cakes, books or all the gorgeous stuff you ladies write about brings me sunshine everyday!

I am tagging the following wonderful bloggers/blogs. I found it really hard to do because there were so many blogs on my mind to tag, but many had the tag already etc, so I became confused (haha..its a blonde moment of epic proportions.) If I forgot you and you didn't do the tag, Ill get you next time around darlings, no worry.

Botox Extraordinaire
Megan-A Suitcase and Stilettos
Jennifer-My Fashionable Affair
Fern-Fern Laura

And since stuff besides fashion and beauty brings me sunshine too, I had to include a few other types of blogs in my list too!

Daniella-Dress,Design, Decor-Oh gosh, this blog is so pretty, and has such good interior design pictures, it makes me want to go redecorate my house immediately.
Lizzie-Cakes by Lizzie-uh hello, its cakes..need I say more?!
The Ladies at Book Lover's Delight -a great website if you like reading or books!
Howard-Pursuit of Performance -Not beauty or fashion, but lets show the love to a guy that blogs too! If you or the man in your life likes football (soccer) or exercising tips/tricks, he has a great blog. I bother him with exercise questions all the time, therefore he needs sunshine from me as a thank you! He's a should all bother him with workout questions all the time!

Thanks again Nadia!

I would also like to thank the ladies at Book Lover's Delight for tagging me for their latest award. Since I did it already, and you don't need to know more about my fear of deli meats (LOL), I just wanted to say thanks here to them : ) It's a lovely site you need to go and check out!

Contest post up tomorrow! xoxo

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Hair, Living Proof Thickening Creme and Contest Update

My Hair:

A couple lovely readers emailed me to ask if they could see what my hair really looked like. I guess cause I was all high and mighty about it being natural and you can't really see it in my profile pic, I happily obliged with attached awkward pic of my hair today taken in my messy bathroom.

Uh, wow, I didn't even realize it was *that* long until I took this picture a few hours ago. I think I need a trim....soon.  I kinda look like either Cousin It...or a pony. LOL

So yes, here is my hair. Thrilling, really. I am not sure what color you would say it is, but in real life it is a combination of various shades of blonde and light red. It is redder on the underneath and lighter on the top, most likely due to the sun in the summer when I was younger. Sometimes it looks super blonde in pictures and sometimes it looks really red. My hair is like my own pet chameleon! I now protect it with a sun-protectant spray (I use Frederick Fekkai's) because if you have any red in your hair, natural or otherwise, you know it is the quickest shade to fade from washing, the sun etc.  

Living Proof Thickening Creme:

In this pic I am using the new Living Proof Thickening Creme. I like it, and it does seem to volumize the hair nicely. I will use it for a few more weeks though before a full review. Is it me or does stuff like that stop working after a while for you? I feel like it does for me. The rave is on hold until proved otherwise through the next few weeks, although I was very happy with it the first time I used it (today). 

Update: Day 2 of the Living Proof use and it worked beautifully when I curled my hair in soft, big waves. Made it look really lush and full. Ah, I hope this never stops working! 

Enough rambling about the hair. Look for more ramblings in further posts on how I changed it from being fried to healthy and growing like a weed. 


My contest will go up early this week, most likely Tuesday, so look out for it!  It will be open to all followers worldwide! Something special from NARS will be the grand prize, which I think it pretty exciting. I love NARS : ) 


Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Favorite Things:Chanel Sunglasses

Well, not just Chanel sunglasses, but big, glamourous sunglasses are always a favorite of mine because they make anyone and any outfit look more chic and put together. My favorite brand of sunglasses happens to be Chanel. I think they make the most gorgeous sunglasses known to man. I have several, but the newest and most favorite pair of sunglasses that is in my bag at the moment are these little lovelies:

A good, big, dark pair of sunglasses can do a lady wonders. Even when you feel like death warmed over like me this week, you can look alive and glamourous with these babies! 

They can even conceal your how bad you look with a cold (is it me or does makeup not even help when you are sick?!) and annoyance at waiting in rush-hour traffic today.  

What sunglasses are in your bag at the moment?

Happy Friday everyone!


My First Award!

I'd like to thank the academy..and my mom and dad...

Kidding! But I was very honored that Irene at Lovely Violet (a beautiful girl with an equally beautiful blog that I adore reading!) gave me my first blog award.

Thanks so much Irene! Your blog is so beautiful, I am happy to be in your company!

I am supposed to now talk about 7 facts about me. Prepare to be fascinated people...(insert sarcasm) I'm sick..I don't have much creative energy now:

1. My hair color is natural. Most people don't believe that, since it is an unusual color (strawberry blonde is what it is usually described as, but gets lighter and darker with the seasons and sun)..but I haven't colored my hair, in any capacity, in my life.

2. I have an unnatural fear of deli meats and sandwiches in general. I think they are the grossest thing imaginable, and can't even stand to look at them. Never had a traditional sandwich in my life!

3. My family is my heart. My mom is my best friend and the happiest moments in my life have been memories of time spent on vacation or just hanging out with my dad, my mom and my little brother : )

4. I LOVE pigs. I've had a little stuffed pig named piggy since I was a child, and she is still in my room today.  She was named after my favorite character of all time...Miss Piggy from the Muppets!

5. Neuropsychology and fashion are my two favorite subjects. I studied the former at The George Washington University in Washington D.C. and decided instead of medical school, I would study the later at art school, where I am now.  Now that I have fashion as homework, I read biology and psychology texts as play reading, and when I was in college I did the opposite! I'm quite the science nerd : p

6. Most people don't know it from looking at me, but I LOVE sports! Well...watching them, not really playing them. I love watching a lot of different kinds of sports but I love hockey, football and college basketball the most and get really serious about my teams. I wasn't born or raised there, but since my parents were, I am a Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins and Pitt fan till I die!

7. I was born on May 27 and a I have total Gemini's personality. If you read anything about Gemini's, it describes me to a tee. A great majority of people in my life that I click with right away turn out to be Gemini's. Love you Poodle!

Now I am supposed to pass the award onto 7 more lovely bloggers. It was hard to choose, but my winners are:

1.Mai Philosophy
2.Glamour Rouge
3.Black and White Collage
4.Style Nirvana
5.Pearls and Poodles
7.Sarah Xo

I have a list of ladies I didn't mention and whose blogs I love too. I had Jessica Alice's blog on here but she won the award already! Let me know if you won this award, I wouldn't want to repeat. There are so many great blogs out there! Next time around, I promise! I love all of you!

Don't forget to read Irene's lovely blog too! Lovely Violet!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Lush Bath:Part I

I decided to take a bath last night, to relax and use my new set I just reviewed from Lush, "Let's get Fizzical." That name still cracks me up...

I thought I would record my use of all the ones, so people shopping at Lush might get a better idea of which bath bombs they might like. There are so many, I think its hard to decide sometimes. 

So which one did I choose this time?

The cute little blue guy! Blue is my favorite color, so it was an easy choice. This one is called "Big Blue." It is supposed to smell of lavender and lime and have seaweed and sea salt in it to relax you and soften the skin. 

This is what my bathtub and bathwater looked like before the bath bomb. 

A glass of wine et bath bomb = perfect combo 

Closer look of the water pre bath bomb:

Now this is what happens when you put the bath bomb in the water. Warning: this is way too fun and addicting. It is like those experiments you did in elementary school where you added baking soda to a mix and it became a foaming volcano. 

And this is what the water looked like after the bath bomb did its work:

It turned the water a really pretty turquoise color. It also made it look like I had gone rolling around in mulch even before I got in because that stuff that looks like dirt on the bottom of the pool is the seaweed. You could also feel the sea salt in the tub too. I thought the smell tended to disappear once it hit the water, but left the water feeling soft and smooth. I enjoyed the bath, but wasn't a fan of that seaweed on the bottom of the tub to be honest, although it did all go down the drain easily once I was done. 

Overall, I like this one, I did think my skin was soft and the bath relaxing. I wish it smelled more though. But I do have a cold so perhaps I am not smelling it like I wish I did. I would repurchase so far, but want to go through the rest of the ones before I have a final decision on this one.