Friday, April 20, 2012

Hunger Games

While the movie and book are most obviously what one would think of when espousing the phrase "hunger games" in mixed company today, I can't help but think of all the gorgeous shades of color that are on trend for spring and summer that make me positively drool with excitement.

A burst of bright citrus in patterned silk by Rebecca Taylor and a soft, creamy mint tweed by Tibi are some of my favorite trends come to life (in my closet!) for this spring and summer.

As a stylist, I should perhaps grab my napkin and choose sides on which of the color palettes (the saturated bright neon hues or the soft, sorbet inspired pastels)  I like best for the upcoming warmer months, but it feels to me like choosing between your children!

How do you choose?! 
Coral-Aqua from Bloomingdales
Silver-Club Monaco

The above is a picture of some of the clothes on my hanging rack in my bedroom (I personally, as well as my city apartment, love you Container Store!) where I hang my newest wardrobe additions, as well as clothes I find inspiring for styling. I adore the neon, bursting with bright color even more so in real life, of the pink gathered linen J.Crew in a comfortable relaxed silhouette that I had to have it; and will be back for the bright yellow as soon as I walk myself up to the store in the city. The coral tangerine of the Aqua (available at Bloomingdales, and super affordable!) pleats is positively juicy and screams for bare legs, a good spray tan (Skin Palette off Rittenhouse for those near Philadelphia is worth every penny) and makes me long for a trip to a white sand beach somewhere where that color is the same as the little umbrella's floating in some oversized, fruity cocktail. The brights this season definitely have me salivating. 


But then you have the beautiful muted neutrals of the season that get me equally as hungry for summer. While this soft grey might not conjure up notes of anything confectionary,that one would immediately want to eat at least, the soft neutral and pastel hues of the season are still equally as delicious. They also pair beautifully with a bright pop of color, as shown by my new Prada bag (I am convinced light grey is the perfect neutral for spring and summer) and an adorable bright belt procured on my recent "brights" binge from J.Crew. 

I suppose my wardrobe pictures to come on this site will be a bit of a polar medley of "Bag-of-Jordan-Almonds"pastels, soft neutrals and mixes of brights and neons. I refuse to choose, with all the choices for color this season fueling my fashion hunger to the extreme. Not Capital extreme, not yet at least! 

"A Crewed Interest" buy Essie

As for today, I did make one choice when it comes to spring color choices, and am loving the creamy pastel shades like the one above by Essie. They are quite the pain to get to not streak or smudge, but I for one am willing to have my manicure lady sigh in frustration a little longer for such a pretty result. 

Pastel, bright, neon, or neutral? What makes you most hungry to wear spring fashion?

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