Friday, April 23, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I would like to thank two very beautiful ladies for tagging me for the beautiful blogger award. My gorgeous girls and fellow bloggers Nadia from It's Always Summer on the Inside and Lipstick on the Cup were kind enough to tag me for this award on each of their fabulous blogs. You must check out both of them. Thank you so much girls, each comment, award or visit I get really means so very much to me!

You are supposed to write 7 random facts about you and tag 7 people, but I did this post a while back, and I don't think anyone will want to read any more random facts about me! If you didn't read the first one, my most random fact is I have a fear of sandwiches. Yep, I HATE them. If it has deli meat or something on it...I want to run away and throw up. Omg..I AM SO STRANGE!

I will compile a list of some of the beautiful ladies whose blogs I read and post that very soon though. Ah, I'm horrible with inserting links. It takes me like 20 minutes if I have to copy anything. (Random fact 2)

Thank you again girls. Love you!


Contest coming up soon for May..look out for it!


Lipstick on the cup said...

You really deserved it! Have a great weekend. xoxo


Marie said...

Congratulations, Logan!:D

Happy Friday!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Howard said...

Great to see your blog going on strong, and you fully deserve being tagged :)

Nora-Schu said...
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