Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break Favorite Things Part I: Operation All Cars Need Massage Chairs

I decided to do a "spring break favorite things" instead of the usual monthly favorites. I wanted to highlight a few nice things I did and acquired during spring break that I am currently loving. I didn't want to do a big  complete haul or anything, since I thought it would be tacky to show every little thing I bought last week. I promise I am not intending to brag here. I was lucky to get a good bit of beautiful items (esp. because I went down a dress size : ) )  thanks to some saving by me and the generosity of my wonderful mom.  It is a long post, so be prepared!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Driving into NYC/Massage chairs in cars-

I actually like driving in New York City. All the hustle and bustle makes me happy and the city has always made me feel at home. I especially like that I grew up, and my parent's still live, in a place that is close enough to drive there. Not much traffic in the Lincoln tunnel (shown), so I was happy! I was also happy because my mom let me drive her car. We drive the same brand (is that the right word?) of car, but she has a different, brand-new 2010 model that has the same massage chair action like you get in pedicure chair!! You know when you go to a salon or sit in one of those fancy chairs that kneeds your back for you? Her car does it while you drive! Kinda distracting at first, but now I want it in my car!

Central Park Boathouse-

We ate there for lunch, and I just adore central park : ) It was a day after three constant days of rain and it was lovely out. The food is good (if you like crabcakes, get it here, I am super picky about not having fillers and only jumbo lump and these were great!) and the setting is even better. It is the only restaurant in the park that is overlooking a lake. For those of you that watch Sex and the City, the episode where Carrie goes to meet Big for lunch and they fall in the water is set at this restaurant.

Bloomingdales Frozen Yogurt-

This is one of my favorite things in the world. I cannot express to you how I am a member of the Bloomie's yogurt cult (I have a card for it even!) This picture was taken on the day we went to The Mall at Short Hills (the mall we always go to outside of NYC in northern NJ) but you better believe we got yogurt at the one in NYC when we were there too. I am on a diet and don't eat sweets, but this is fat-free and amazing. If it wasn't fat free, I would still get it. They have a "plain" flavor (pictured) that isn't vanilla but has the tang of what regular plain yogurt tastes like and its FANTASTIC. If you are ever in a Bloomingdale's or near one...get this!!!

To be continued....

My next post will be some of the fashion items I bought since I think spring clothes are so fun to look at! Be sure to look out for it! The post ran REALLY long, so I am going to break it up into a few parts so I don't bore you all to death!

Thank You's-

I would also like to thank Irene at Lovely Violet for giving me the cutest award! I was so happy to come back to reality with such a sweet sentiment. She is one of my favorite, sweet people in this blog world, you must check her out if you have not already!

A big thank you to Couture for tagging me for the sunshine award. It is hard for me to get back into the grind of work for some reason this week, and such a kind thought really makes my day! Thank you so much : ) She has some beautiful dresses and outfits up on her blog right now, you should go check it out! 

I will be doing a tag for them as soon as I get myself back into the flow of things. Thank you ladies again so very much : ) 



glamour rouge said...

Hi,Cool post..I went to New York about 4-5yrs ago but never made it to central park,it looks gorg..Id love to go back..if I did I would defo get that frozen yoghurt! yummy xx :)

Trish said...

Oh I LOVE the Central Park Boathouse! My friend's brother got married there a few years ago, it was magical!! :) XOXO

Nayara Ittner said...

I've never been to NYC, but I can see through your pictures how nice it's!
I'm waiting to see what you bought!!
And this frozen? MYY GOOOOSH!!

lorraine said...

I've never been to the east coast period! Looks beautiful though :) I'm excited to see what you got!

Lipstick on the cup said...

Your posts are always interesting :) Can't wait to see what you got in NYC :) xoxo

H A N N A H ♥ said...

such a great list - love this post!



lovelyviolet5 said...

You are soooo sweet doll!!!!By the way I loved your pictures and the yogurt looks so delicious!!Can I have one??

Letherton said...

I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.
Take a minute an check my blog out
I have lots of great giveaways going on.
Thanks :)

VaidaG said...

I never been in NYC... :( It's probably one of my biggest dreams :)
Eveything looks amazing :) Looks liek you really had fun :) Not like me lol, i was burried underneath a hill of school books on my spring break lol :D