Friday, April 23, 2010

Sneak Peak: Zac Posen for Target

I was in my local Target today milling around the store for some basic cleaning supplies etc and wandered into the back of the store near the clothing. Well in a corner was a hanging rack of clothes (and a certain tag) that caught my eye.

I first will apologize for the a la crap photos. They were from my (horribly bad) cell phone camera and I was snapping away quickly as to not get caught (god knows what I thought would happen if people saw me, I just thought I looked crazy)

Bad photo quality aside..Hello..ZAC POSEN people! I love Zac Posen, and wanted to see what the collection was all about. And since it isn't supposed to be released for two more days, I thought I would share my photos and thoughts about the stuff I saw.

Overall it looked like cute stuff. There seemed to be a black/blue theme with several of the pieces (the black items were trimmed with a very pretty navy) and most of the quality seemed nice for the price. I must say though, I have never bought clothes from Target or any of the Go International lines, so I am not the authority on comparing this line as compared to others in the store.

This was a very pretty dress in person. It was a nice blue color, trimmed with black and grommets. It was a very thin weight, and that made it seem a bit inexpensive when you touched it , but overall I think it would be stunning on. 

This was a VERY cute long slouchy tank top that I think I will have to go back and buy. It featured his logo and I think a tube of lipstick. It was very soft and looked high quality to me. I don't even like tops with writing on it, but this was adorable! 

Out of all the items I saw (they were hard to get to since they were stuffed behind clothing displays), this dress would be the "pass" item for me. I might pick up every item I saw except for this, for several reasons. First, it looked cheap. Sorry, it did. It was one of those "pouf" dresses (which first off would work for a younger person and not me) and made in a material that was incredibly shiny, sheer and somewhat like an inexpensive looking organza. If you are younger or like the style of dress, this might be for you, but it is something I look at and think I can see how inexpensive it is. 

The black pants were cute. Very thin-feeling cotton (but again, I guess you have to consider it is a Target line), but looked nice. They were verrry slim cut and piped in a navy that was really attractive. These are worth a look, although the cut is so straight that I am not sure they would work for my shape. The waist doesn't go in at all, and I have an hourglass. These pants would be too tight in the thighs and baggy in the waist in whatever size I would be, so I passed. Really cute though!

And finally (before I got more strange looks) I picked up what I think is the best item of the whole lot...

I think it is to die for gorgeous in person! Granted, this is a style that I like (a classic pleated black skirt with a higher waist and feminine details..divine), but it also was hands-down the best feeling and quality item of all I saw. It is a very thick, beefy (not in bad way, more a quality, hefty feel) textured fabric and the pleating details made it look like something I would buy in Neiman's, not Target. 

I mean..look at the back of it! The pleating and gathering detail and the large zipper make it look designer. The tag of the zipper even has "Zac Posen" on it. I don't think details like this usually come in such a line, and I was amazingly impressed.  I was actually mad because it looks almost identical to a Marc Jacobs skirt I have that would go for 5-10 times the price. This was $39.99!  I bought the last skirt and took it home and its lovely. It fits high in the waist and isn't too short. I'm so pleased!

From my research, the Zac Posen for Target line drops in stores officially in two days (April 25), and in my opinion, totally worth a look!


Post Note: For reference, in the skirt if it helps anyone, I bought a size 5. I haven't bought 1,3,5 sizes in forever, so I have no idea what size I am supposed to be in those, but I am usually a US size 4 in skirts/dresses.  A 3 was a little too small and the 5 was a little big in the waist but I think that is okay since it is a somewhat full-pleated skirt. Also, the zipper is a nice detail, although some of them seemed to be hard to zipper and would snag. Make sure to get one with a good zipper on it, as some of them didn't have that problem to me.


Marie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Logan!:D

I get nervous too when I take pictures inside stores... I use my camera but no flash.:D

Happy Friday!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Zanah said...

OMG all these pieces look really nice... I'm going to check it out ! Thx for sharing ♥

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Bethany said...

Ooh my, I am so excited! I already buy over half of my clothes from there.

glamour rouge said...

love it! I would have got that skirt too..I can just picture it with a cute white shirt and nude ballet love to go to target! wish we had one in uk xxx

lovelyviolet5 said...

Ohh!!!You are a hero!!!Doing that!!I pretty much saw whats going on despite the bad quality!!Lovely skirt!Cheers!

J E S S U said...

The pants look great! I don't usually shop at Target but now I feel as if I should. Most likely there will be a bunch of people fighting for them though. >>;

marti said...

I love the tank too! Thanks for the sneak peak.. ;) I'll definitely be checking it out in a couple days now!


Nina Scott Johnson said...

the skirts looks really nice, very classy...I would wear it to work...

and the blue dress in the first picture is super cute!

wish we had Target here in Germany!

Princess Freckles said...

I really like that style skirt also. I didn't even know Zac Posen was the nest Target designer! Where have I been? Lol. I guess I'll have to make a Target trip soon. I also buys my loungy pants and sportsbras there, but not really their skirts and such. Thank you for the review!

Closet Cupcake said...

Finally, a size review on the skirt! I just purchased it online. Thank you for your review!

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Froso said...

Aw, you're making me jealous. I wish I could find those in Greece!

VaidaG said...

I know, that you had this before... but i tagged you on my blog :)

Ok, now about your post. I have phobia of taking pics of random stuff alone in public lol. Proud of you :D
This skirt is awesome... I can imagine myself in it... I had no idea that Zac Posen now sells stuff at Target...

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

I like that top with the lipstick! It's super cute!!! Thanks for sharing :)

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