Monday, April 19, 2010

My MAC Travel Palette

Sorry I have been a bit MIA recently. My allergies have been killing me! Anyone else suffering recently? The makeup I love to apply hasn't been working much on huge, red, puffy eyes. I stopped working out outside, so that should help. I'll be back to normal in no time!

I thought this could be a post about Mac eyeshadow palettes. I have several, arranged by color, but since I have been traveling recently, I threw the ones I thought I would use the most and could create any eye look, into one palette. Well I have been so happy with having all the eyeshadows I use on a regular basis in one place, I have kept them in the palette as is. I thought I would share my picks for a palette that could last you weeks, or would be a good idea to start a Mac palette if you don't have one already!

The Palette

And the colors are as follows, from left to right:

Top left 1st row, down:

*Naked Lunch
*Blanc Type

2nd row, down:

*Next to Nothing (LE with a Nordstom's only quad)
*Woodwinked (I totally dug my nail into this trying to lift it up and see if that was it..haha)

From Top:

*Honey Lust
*Soft Brown (a must for anyone if you have trouble blending out harsh lines. Its a savior!)

1st row, downwards:


Last row, down:


If anyone wants, I'll go back and add the finish to each of them. But overall, I think these are great options for starting a palette from Mac. I have been able to do anything from a wash of natural color, to a soft brown or even all the way to a sexy smokey charcoal eye. A few are limited edition, but most are not, and worth checking out to help your eyeshadows get the most bang for your buck! 

Be back tomorrow to say hello to everyone and comment. I know I am behind! Happy Monday everyone!



Michele said...

My allergies have been really bad as well lately!! No fun!! I hope your feeling better!

Couture said...

I really like the cranberry colour! Hope your allergie lessens!!

Zanah said...

Welcome back ! I've been sneezing non-stop due to allergies too :/

Mon Mode Blog

Trish said...

Hi pretty lady, what a gorgeous color palette - you can really go from day to night with these colors! Well done!! Wish I could come over and let you do my makeup! XOXO

Nora-Schu said...

You should try doing a fruit detox for a few days, or just add more fruit to your diet. It really helps with allergies.

Love the pallet! Beautiful colors :)


Nina Scott Johnson said...

Hey! that´s a great palette! Neutrals all the way!
Cranberry looks good...must be gorgeous with blue and green! :)

(Allergies take their toll on me as well, I´m especially suffering in June/ July and there are no good solutions for me)

missy_ellie_uk said...

Naked Lunch is my favourite MAC eyeshadow at the moment, I end up wearing it practically every day!

I get hayfever really bad every year, it doesn't kick in till about June but I'm dreading it. Red itchy eyes don't go well with eye makeup!

Ellie x

lovelyviolet5 said...

Your pallete looks really pretty!But in our store they dont have palletes!!Damn!!But I really love all the colors you've put!

glamour rouge said...

Hi hun,Gorgeous colours! I love every single one! oh no,you poor thing! hayfever is horrible.Ive never had it before but Ive got it this year :( I think mines mild though..I hope it stays that way!
Just to let you know Ive posted some new handmade headbands,as I know you were interested before :)
hope your peepers get better ;) xxx

sibelle said...

great post!

Leah said...

Cute colours! I'm jealous that you have multiple palettes btw!


nuheila said...

In my home country Finlad i had very bad allergic but when i moved to Morocco-nothing:D
Lovely colours on your palette!

MsHark said...

thanks for this post! I have a ton of mac shadows but have been looking to fill in the holes... this gave me a great idea!


ps - so glad I found your blog, love it!

superslickgloss said...

Great shadow collection! Love your blog - subscribed.