Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Benefit Coralista Dupe

This is both a rave for Korres blush in general as well as a tip to show what is an EXACT dupe of Benefit Coralista blush, at a slightly lower price.

I love the color of Coralista, it is a pinky-coral flush and lovely, especially in the summer. I do not get much pigment from it though, and more get a shimmer than the actual pigment when I use it. When I was going through my blush collection though, I saw that a particular and neglected Korres blush is literally the same exact color as Coralista, with what I see as a better pigment and color payoff on the skin. The Korres blush is in the shade "peach", but it is really a pretty peachy-pink.


No Flash

See, flash or no flash, the color is exactly the same!

Seriously guys, this blush even feels the same as Coralista. It is that really soft, finely milled, texture of Benefit with a better color payoff.  It looks so beautiful on the makes me long for tropical weather. Now, I don't want anyone getting it mixed up and thinking this has a super pigmented finish. Both of these blushes I don't see having the same intense pigmentation as some blushes, like those from NARS, but they are soft and give the cheeks a beautiful flush nonetheless.

It is also less expensive, which is always great, although marginally so. The Korres blush is $24 and Benefit is $28, although there is a code for the Korres website so often, you can get the blush for 30% off more often than not (I know I did), so with that considered, I think it would be good to check out. Korres is also a lovely brand in general, with an emphasis on natural and organic products going into their skincare, haircare and makeup. I have enjoyed everything I have tried from them. Happy blushing!



Juicygirl said...

Great post :) I love benefit coralista x

lovelyviolet5 said...

Love the korres products!!!The make skin feel better!!

Logan said...

Thanks girls! Lovelyviolet, aren't you from Greece? What a beautiful place I have yet to visit. Hopefully soon, Korres is lovely!

Nabila said...

benefit is pretty expensive, but defo worth it :) !

Nabila xo

Ms.Kimchi said...

they look ... almost identical!! thanks for the post logan :) and btw, I LOOOOVVVEEE coralista!

I just followed you! you're sooo gorgeous~!

Jody said...

Awesome review. Thx so much....will def. have to check out the Korres blush. :)