Monday, February 15, 2010

My View: NARS Orgasm Illuminator

Oh NARS, how I love you, let me count the ways.....

So I love Nars cosmetics in general, and that includes their most famous product, Orgasm blush. I bought Orgasm blush the month it came out, many many years ago, because I heard the buzz about it and had to have it. (I still remember my mom being like "what?!" in Saks when I asked for it..hehe) I love it, and think it is one of the most lovely blushers out there. 

Orgasm Blush

It's pinky-peachy-gold glory has been made into several incarnations since then; a nailpolish (very nice but doesn't do much on my fair skintone), a "super orgasm" blush (which is basically just all chunky glitter) and a lipgloss (lovely, albeit sheer). Now the famous color has been made into a liquid illuminator, and the minute I knew about it, I had to have it. Since getting it, my feelings have been mixed.

At first, I was disappointed at the size. It is 1.7oz and no bigger than a foundation, so I wonder how Nars thinks we could put it all over your body for a glow, like they recommend. It certainly wouldn't last long. It's pretty small for the price of almost $30, and I think that is something you might have to consider if you want to buy it. 

A big glob on the hand

 I also tested it on my hand and at first saw nothing but a sheer gold glimmer. This disappointed me. The pics on my hand aren't really gorgeous looking because I had to glob on a lot to get it to show up for the camera. I then tried it with a larger amount and did see that it provided the same exact color as the blush, just in liquid shimmer version. So I guess you have to use somewhat of a large amount to get the color to show through. That being said, when the color does show, it is really pretty in person. I can imagine it on my (faux) tanned skin in the summer being gorgeous.  Although if you have very fair skin like me, I think you should go test it first, as the color I don't see as complimentary on my skin right now, being as fair as it is. I prefer the blush version on my fair skin right now. 

Rubbed in a little 

Overall I am going to keep it because I think it will be lovely for the summer. Although if you have very fair skin, or will be disappointed to spend $30 on a tiny tube, I think you should think twice and look at it in person before ordering. Also if you don't have the blush and want to order this, I would order the blush first. I think it is much more useful. 



lovelyviolet5 said...

good review!nice to hear the truth!!!

Nara said...

Lovely blog! :)

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kimber doll said...

Oooh, thanks for this review! I've been wanting to try this liquid kind for awhile. I recently baught the Super Orgasm and am so far loving it!

Logan said...

Very welcome kimber doll. It is nice..although I would check it out in might not need it if you have the blush. I couldn't help myself though!

Nara..your blog is fab. I followed the second I got there are started reading.

And always are so sweet. Thanks for always leaving comments. I appreciate them all!