Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's in the Box?!

...well I guess it's more of a tin really. I went over to my local Lush counter today and picked up a couple things that needed replenishing. Since I have been working nonstop, both the gym and schoolwork kind, I have been stressed and unable to do anything to relax recently, I went and got myself a little pick-me-up gift that is brand new and quite adorable if you ask me! So...what's in the box (tin) you ask?

*cue Olivia Newton John music*

It's a new set of nine of their most popular bath bombs called "Let's Get Fizzical." Oh Lush, you crack me up with your clever names sometimes. Everytime I say the same to myself in my head, I go into a chorus of that Olivia Newton John song. Hmmm...maybe it's me. 

Anyway, it comes in above colorful tin, which is not my taste at all, but it so cheery and colorful that it is a pleasure to look at and have to brighten the dull, gray, snowy weather we have had recently. I am enjoying the tin more than I thought I would. I think it would be good to keep other Lush products in once this is done. 

The bath bombs themselves are not full-size, and for some reason when I saw it online I thought they would be. I do not have a full-size bath bomb to compare them to in pics, but I would say they are about 1/3 smaller than the regular size ones. They are plenty to have a nice bath in, and actually I think that Lush should make the bath bombs in this size and then the bigger size in individuals so you can choose.  I see the big ones as a waste oftentimes. I also have a HUGE soaking tub/jacuzzi, so if these mini's are big enough for that, they will be big enough for everyone. 

The bath bombs contained in this container are as follows (I included a short description of each from the Lush website): 

Top row, starting on left:

*Blackberry-blackcurrent and frankincense

*Bon Bomb-mango butter with citrus. It smells EXACTLY like that powdered lemonade you added to water that I drank when I was a kid. 

*Butterball-vanilla musk 

Middle row:

*Honey Bee-honey-toffee 

*Think Pink-vanilla and tonka bean

*Street Party-they say its scented like a "champagne cocktail" and has glitter in it (it is new for the Olympics; the big size even had little flags in it!)

Bottom Row:

*Big Blue-lavender and lime with sea salt and seaweed

*Sex Bomb-jasmine, sage and ylang-ylang 

*Avobath-zingy lemongrass

I think it's a great pick-me-up gift to yourself or someone you love. It gives you a chance to try nine different kinds of bath bombs, which would be much more if bought separately, and see which one's you like the best. Then you know which ones are your favorites and which to buy full size. I think I might go get one to give away to a follower in the future too, who knows?!

If anyone wants a full description of scent or any specifics of a particular bath bomb, please let me know, I would be happy to do that! I'll probably update with each one as I use them anyway. 


p.s. Tip: If you have a jacuzzi tub like me, or worry about your drain, I would suggest popping the bath bombs that have full on glitter chunks in a pair of old stockings or some cheesecloth. That way you can enjoy all the effects, minus the mess. The drain or jacuzzi won't get clogged up with glitter or chunks, which I cringe thinking about. I don't wanna clean that mess up!


glamour rouge said...

Oh the colours look so cute like you could eat them! enjoy your lush jacuzzi!! Fab! x

AVY said...

Mm, candy!

Logan said...

hehe..they do look like candy and good enough to eat! I haven't had candy for the longest time cause of the diet I am on..perhaps that is why I had to get them! xoxo

Drugstore_Couture said...

that tin is so cute!
enjoy your future baths ;].

Froso said...

I wish i had a jacuzzi tub like you honey *sigh!*, I don't even have a bath tub to use those amazing products, I have just a shower, arghhh! I hope you will enjoy those, kisses from the jealous Froso! ;-)

Catherine said...
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