Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My View:Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

This is the newest rendition of the famous Urban Decay Primer Potion. The original is a favorite of mine, and I think it is hands down the best eyeshadow primer out there. If you haven't tried eyeshadow primer in general...it will change your life. I was never able to use eyeshadow before I used this, as they would be blah in color, crease and disappear on me within what seems like minutes. This stuff helps your colors stay vibrant and last for hours. Fabulous!

In respect to Eden, it is kind of what I wanted the original to be. I used to use a skintone MAC paint pot overtop of the original to give me a more opaque and perfect lid. With Eden, you don't even have to! The original is fine, although it is more sheer and doesn't cover as much as I would like. Eden is liked a pumped up version of the original, and is a more opaque, nude color that makes my eyelids look flawless. The only other one is called "Sin" and is a shimmery champagne, which is fine if you like that look, although I prefer to have a base without shimmer. Eden is the most opaque out of the three, and becoming my favorite of the lot. Loves it!

If you have any discoloration or like to have a very even, perfect canvas for eyeshadow, then definitely try out Eden. I love it even when I am not wearing eyeshadow for a "your-eyelids-but-better" look.  My only hesitation in getting this would be if you have a very rich or deep skintone. Perhaps the more sheer, original version would be better as this might make your eyelids unnaturally white. But I would say to a great majority of people, this would work beautifully. Great addition to the line Urban Decay. Brava!



lovelyviolet5 said...

Oh we had this brand in my place too.But thanks for the review.!

MaiPhilosophy said...


I think I need this in my life.
I currently use the normal formula. It was my first time using an eyelid primer, your right, it is life changing!!

Id wish they change the packaging though, I discovered that you lose so much product.

Great blog, Im definitely following :)
Jess Mai

Logan said...

Oh I think you do need it in your life...I LOVE it..the packaging does blow..I agree..you lose a lot of the product..although I find I can have a good run with whats in the tube..I'm not brave enough to hacksaw it open..lol


Shifa said...

great review hun! and you will defo have fun in the UK :) It can be depressing at times but depends who you hang around with hehe. Love ya blog too hun :)

Logan said...

I'm hoping to hang out with really cute guys with British accents..I feel that will make this American girl anything but depressed...hahaha!