Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Guide-Under $50

Happy February everyone! 

 So Valentine's Day is coming up, and even though there is no romantic love this year for me, my mom is my valentine, and I couldn't ask for a better one : )

So if you are single like me, or just looking to buy something for someone you love in your life like a mom, sister, friend, aunt, cousin...whomever...a little gift to say "I love you", I decided to compile a few things I have seen around that I think would make a great gift. And since we all want to be fabulous and not broke...I wanted to keep this gift guide all under $50.  The greatest gift would be to spend some quality time with the person you love, no gift needed or money spent...but if you can swing it..every girl loves to open a little something sometimes!

Sephora Favorites-Give Me Some Lip Valentine's Day Favorites -This is a deluxe sampler from Sephora that includes a chance to try 7 of Sephora's most popular pink and red lipsticks! It includes 6 sample size and 1 full size Korres lipstick and it cute as can be. It's $25 and found only online at

A YSL Lipstick- They are some of the most luxurious, beautiful formulations around and they would be a great, elegant gift for someone you love. Very chic packaging and beautiful application. They have several formulas, but I think the prettiest is the Rougue Volupte, which is linked here. They all run around $30 and I think they are a beautiful idea for the holiday.

A Personalized Starbucks Card-I know this is kind of like a gift card and not the most romantic to some, but if you love your Starbucks as much as my mom and I do, then this is a good idea. They have a new rewards program where you can sign someone up for a card, which you can personalize with their name or a special image, natch, and then after a certain number of drinks you get one free! I can taste the Cappuccino's I love to have with mom right now!

Tiffany Little Blue Book Journal- Who wouldn't want to get a bag from Tiffany's for Valentine's day? I wanted to keep the gifts under $50 (this is $45), so I chose the adorable leather bound journal printed in their signature "Tiffany Blue" color. So cute, right?! Perhaps its the fact that my favorite color is a light version of Tiffany blue (more into the  light Robin's egg blue, if ya wanted to know) is the reason I love this, but I think its a nice thoughtful present to give anyone. Under $50 and still from Tiffany's! Writing a little note inside how much you love that person, and you already have the wrapping done for you a with their signature box and bow. Perfect!

NARS Love Me Set -Well it is called the "Love Me" set, so how perfect is that for Valentine's Day? It includes one of the best blushes and highlighters around (Orgasm and Albatross respectively) in a cute duo palette, as well as Nars lipgloss in orgasm, which is a lovely peachy pink shimmer, and is a pretty color to top any lipstick or worn alone. Very cute!

Well those are just a few suggestions for you to ponder. Happy Valentine's shopping everyone! xoxo


Beauty addict :) said...

OMG thank you so much for the sephora lip thing, lol. It's a great idea!



Logan said...

You are welcome! I know, I think its so cute! I'm thinking of getting it for my mom..or myself..haha..I always get myself a little Valentine's Day gift for myself when I'm single!


Tineasha said...

oo I love the Nars I totally love that so much:)

Froso said...

I loved that post!