Monday, February 22, 2010

My Favorite Things: The Four Seasons Maui

For those of you suffering from cabin fever, lots of snow and cold temps, I thought I would add a hotel review today. I plan on reviewing every hotel I go to, and started with the new Ritz Carlton in Dove Mountain, AZ earlier in the year. And even though this isn't a current review, as I went this past summer, I had to include it because it is perhaps my favorite hotel and place in the world. I'll will keep the reviews for recent trips only from now on though. (One exception might be the Four Seasons Las Vegas, which was a stop-over on this trip and a lovely place as well. )

The pictures in no way do the hotel or the place justice. It is so beautiful it really takes your breath away. It is constantly ranked as the best hotel in Hawaii and among the highest rated hotels in the world by magazines like Conde Nast, and when you get here, you have no doubt that is true.

View from the room 

The Lobby

The concierge level here was second to none, and all the ladies here took care of us, and couldn't have been more friendly and welcoming! (for why the concierge level is so great, look at my previous post, or see the free champagne pic from the concierge lounge below, and know why I liked it so much!) You can also see a bit of the perfectly manicured grounds in this picture. The entire place didn't have a leaf or blade of grass out of place, I enjoyed their attention to detail and perfection. 

Up in the Conceirge Level

The beach was beautiful, but I must say the Pacific isn't the tranquil, clear water of the Carribean or anything. It got pretty rough if you went out past morning, and was prettier to look at than to play around it. I stuck to the beautiful pool area and its cabanas. 

On the cliffs in a beach chair facing the Pacific

The Beach

They had a large main pool with a beautiful fountain in the middle where I spent most of my time. You could get these cabanas, which came with beach chairs, tables and much needed shade. They also brought around cool water misters, frozen fruit, sunscreen, cucumber slices and other goodies compliments of the resort for the guests by the pool as well as roving people from the spa giving hand, foot or back massages. It was truly heaven! 

View from my cabana..of another cabana!

Pool and Cabanas in background

The Pool lit up at night 

The guest rooms were plush and updated. They all had marble bathrooms stocked with L'Occitane products (score!), beautiful balconies and all the amenities you could want. The food was amazing in every restaurant we went to, and includes a off shoot of Wolfgang Puck's famous Cali eatery Spago. They used all fresh, organic and high quality ingredients everywhere we went that were found local as much as possible, so they support and maintain the fishermen, farmers and cattle ranchers of the state. I couldn't have been happier here, and if you can go once in your lifetime (or more), this is the place to stay. You will not regret it. 

And finally because the island itself is so pretty, I included a few pics of our travels around the island...

I think they call this Shark Bay..eek!

Road to Hana

The famous black sand beaches on the island..there are red ones too! 

On the highest point in Maui..Haleakala..watching the sunrise.
It was freezing (in June) and over 10,000 ft above sea level 

Before the sun comes up..the sky really is illuminated all those colors!



marloperry said...

ohhh what an incredible trip!
One of my friends stayed here recently...jealous!

Jessica Mai : said...

What an amazing getaway.

Looking at the gorgeous photos and reading your review makes me crave a vacay!

Oh yes! We are major Sid fans also! It was a very exciting game yesterday. The boys hustled very hard. & holy macaroni, USA's Miller is an amazing goalie!

-Jess Mai

Froso said...

OMG, am I jealous or what? We Geminis, love to change scenery from time to time. Kisses lovely!

Logan said...

Thanks ladies..posting these pics of me have made me jealous of 2009 Logan that got to go there. Gosh, I need a vacation stat!