Friday, January 29, 2010

My View:Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

I really like Bobbi Brown's pot rouge's.  They really give your cheeks a fresh, dewy, wanna pinch-your-cheeks kinda glow. I have had them for some time, and my recent purchase, and subsequent return, of the MAC cremeblend blushes reminded me of just how lovely they are. (The MAC blushes are a lovely product, but broke me out. If they agree with your skin, I recommend them, although I tend to have problems with a lot of MAC skin stuff.)

I have five. The colors from the top are described in the photo below. They are (from Top Left)  Pink Raspberry, Calypso Coral, Raspberry, Summer Tan and Pale Pink. Sorry for the various swirls and finger marks; they are a well-loved product in my collection.

They are not a dry texture which I normally like in creme blushes, but as they are supposed to be for eyes and lips, and the creamy, almost buttery, texture works well here. They might not have the best staying power for me since they are so creamy and I am so oily, but I find setting it with a powder blush, or even a light translucent powder helps the staying power. I applied the pale pink today, and the beautiful flush I got was so natural and pretty, it made me want it to be summer! The product gives you that gorgeous flush I just love in summertime.  I tend to think Bobbi Brown's whole line, in general, is quality, beautiful stuff. These little beauties are no different!

They retail for $22 and come in about 10 different shades. There is a lot of product in there too, it will last your forever!


P.S-If you are interested in the shades available now, I looked on and listed the shades available here for everyone.

Cabo Coral-A pink nectar

Calypso Coral-A bright coral

Blushed Rose-A brown pink

Chocolate Cherry-A red brown

Milk Chocolate-A chocolate brown

Pale Pink-A bright pastel pink

Pink Truffle-A red pink

Powder Pink-A light pink

Raspberry-A deep raspberry pink

Velvet Plum-A red plum


Beauty addict :) said...

I really love the colors.
I have a few bobbi brown products and their excellent :).



Logan said...

Thanks! I'm a sucker for blush...I always love the pretty colors..haha

Schnella said...

Beautiful colours <3
I'm a new follower(: just found your blog today

Viva La Fashion said...

<3 the color. :)

Froso said...

Thanks for that review, I wanted to buy that too, now i am sure i will! I am you new follower, hope we'll keep in touch! kisses gorgeous!

Zanah said...

I love all these colors!! :) Mon Mode Blog

mariska said...

I think I should try one of those product!!


Cathy said...

I love all those products, now if only someone would buy me one of those as a valentine's gift lol :) I love your blog by the way.

Musicalhouses said...

I love the pot rouges too! They are awesome and last forever!

Shifa said...

You sold it to me :D hehe..OMG! I have bad skin these days and it may be due to the Mac Cremeblush which I never even realised :O I havta stop using that!

kellyyes said...

i love these. i feel like they are such understated products and no one ever talks about them! you have rasberry! lucky, that color is very elusive. i have pink raspberry and that was hard enough to find.