Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Blushing for You:Contest Time!

It makes me incredibly happy to have such lovely people who have decided to follow along with my blog. I said I would do a contest when I got above 50 followers, so no time like the present! I am blushing thinking about the number of followers and sweet comments so far, so I wanted this first prize to be what I think is the best blush on the market : )


The prize that the winner will win is a choice of two things, both from one my my most favorite makeup brands on the planet, NARS. The prize choice is:

Nars Temptation Set:

It contains Nars Super Orgasm Blush and Orgasm Nailpolish. I bought it specifically for the contest and swatched the tester in Sephora and it looks really beautiful! 

I think it's cute! 


Your choice of any shade of NARS blush: 

This is a pic of some of the NARS blushes I have in my collection so you can get the idea.
 Oooh, pretty colors right?! Yours will be brand new from Sephora of course!

I bought the Temptation set at Sephora for the contest, but got mixed reviews about it when I asked people if it was something they would like to win. So I added an option to the winner to choose any shade of NARS blush they want and I will send them that, since some of you might not find that particular blush or nailpolish flattering to their skintone. Thank you Emily for the suggestion! 

I also will most likely throw in a few other goodies and samples for the winner : ) 


Only rule I have is that you have to be a follower. I know I had a question about this, and all you have to do to follow is press the "follow" button on the ride side of every page on my blog. It's free and pretty easy to do. 

You can be from any country around the world, doesn't  matter, as long as I am able to ship to you, I will. If there is some shipping problem with your country (I cant imagine how but haven't sent much overseas besides to Iraq so I don't know) and you win, we can work it out somehow. Also, if you are underage, please ask your parents, because I need your address if you win. 

How to Enter:

Just write a comment in this post letting me know you would like to enter ("enter me" is fine) and I will enter you! 

When does the contest end?

It will be open to comments until next week, on Tuesday March 16th. Then I will use randomizer.org to pick the winner. 

Be sure to enter!!!  I don't get that many comments or have that many readers yet, so you have a really good chance to win!  Ebay or pawn it if you don't like it, I don't care, it is just supposed to be a little token to thank everyone for reading my blog thusfar : ) 

Lots of contests and different prizes to come soon too!  Good luck! 



lovelyviolet5 said...

I love Nars but cant find it here!!!Please enter me!!!

AugustRouge said...

Enter Me =)

Stella said...

What a great giveway sweetie!
Please enter me=)

Vaida said...

I can't find NARS cosmetics in my country either.. :(
So ofcourse-enter me!

Michele said...

I'd love to enter the contest!

Lipstick on the cup said...

I'm sure most or us would love to have Nars blush so thank you for giving us a chance to win this product :) Wish you the best. XOXO

kissandmakeupbaby said...

ohh such good prizes :) enter me :) xxxx

UrbanMermaid said...

wow, those are amazing prizes :P enter me :) xoxo!!

N.Schu said...

You should show us your blush collection! enter me :)

Jessica Mai : said...

Great prizes & love the contest title :)
Enter Me Please!

RaspberryKiss said...

Congrats on the follower !
Enter me please :)
I've never tried anything from NARS but I've heard some really good reviews.
Love the look of the set.
I've put a link in my sidebar to your giveaway so other people have a chance of entering your competition.
My email is:rixwood[@]aol[.]com xx

Drugstore_Couture said...

enter me :D.

Jenny said...

Enter Me Please :-)

Howard Gray said...

I would say enter me... but not sure you can ship it overseas ;)

Logan said...

Howard! hahaha..I am not sure what you would do with NARS makeup..unless you aren't telling me something!

booboo said...

Enter me! :)

vi said...

love your blog! please enter me. =0)

J E S S U said...

Please enter me :)
I just discovered your blog and would love it if you could check out mine too:

Shao said...

I remember when you asked MUA about this as a contest prize :) Your blog's sure grown quickly! Enter me, please! (I'm butterflybones on MUA, by the way.)

Logan said...

Thanks Shao! Gotta love MUA..they give the best advice (are we supposed to say that outside of there..haha)

Sophie said...

Enter me please!! SUCH a good giveaway! x

Kelly said...

Hi Logan :)
Kudos for this fantastic giveaway!!! I LOVE reading your blog and I'm a huge Nars fan so PLEASE enter me! Thank you for the opportunity, HOPE i win ...and keep up the GREAT blogging!

spifftiff88 said...

Either are cute, I don't own ANY NARS, so enter me please! :D


SammyKins said...

such a good giveaway! thank you for entering mine and your joke made me laugh! it was an awesome joke :) and the sweet comments i really appreictae it and i was questioning whether to do this post or not becuase the commments were getting me down so much so i thought why not laugh at it? ha thank you my lovely :) hope your ok! oo and ENTER ME :)
love sammy

Jersey and the Monkey said...

you sound like the lovliest person EVER so please 'enter me' too :)

Jersey and the Monkey said...

you sound like the lovliest person EVER so please 'enter me' too :)

sarah said...

wow what a great prize!
enter me please

vanessa.adams said...

Enter me please :o)

Jasmine said...

I would love to enter!

New subscriber here. I found out about your blog from Cash or Change.

Thank you!

maxinecassidy said...

eneter me please

Sarah said...

I would like to enter please! :)

BarbiesGlitter said...

Thnaks for this amazing contest, i am new, found it from a contest linka nd i absolutely love your blog :)

enter me please :) xx

thanks love xo

Emily Rose said...

I'd like to enter :P My first contest is coming soon too!


Hannah ♥ said...

I'm following :)

Fingers crossed I'll win, as they don't sell Nars here in the UK and I've wanted the Nars orgasm blush foreverrrrrr! Would be a dream come true, haha x



glamour rouge said...

enter me please :) xxxxxxxxx

glamour rouge said...

Enter me please woo hoo xxx

Imogen said...

Wow amazing prize! Definitely enter me please :)

Nina Scott Johnson said...

enter me please :)

marloperry said...

I have a comp coming up soon on my blog too.
I love giveaways! :D

glamour rouge said...

enter me please yey xxx

elle said...

how generous of you! enter me please

Schnella said...

Enter me please lovely <3

Pink_Fish said...

I have seen that color on the Internet and I loved it. You can't find it here in Greece, such a pity! Enter me also plz :)

Shayna said...

Enter me please :-)

Also, loving your blog!

Princess Freckles said...

Hi! I'm a follower, and a HUGE Nars fan! I love their blushes! great giveaway!

- Kay - said...

Yey please enter me! I still don't have a single nars blush!