Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Hair, Living Proof Thickening Creme and Contest Update

My Hair:

A couple lovely readers emailed me to ask if they could see what my hair really looked like. I guess cause I was all high and mighty about it being natural and you can't really see it in my profile pic, I happily obliged with attached awkward pic of my hair today taken in my messy bathroom.

Uh, wow, I didn't even realize it was *that* long until I took this picture a few hours ago. I think I need a trim....soon.  I kinda look like either Cousin It...or a pony. LOL

So yes, here is my hair. Thrilling, really. I am not sure what color you would say it is, but in real life it is a combination of various shades of blonde and light red. It is redder on the underneath and lighter on the top, most likely due to the sun in the summer when I was younger. Sometimes it looks super blonde in pictures and sometimes it looks really red. My hair is like my own pet chameleon! I now protect it with a sun-protectant spray (I use Frederick Fekkai's) because if you have any red in your hair, natural or otherwise, you know it is the quickest shade to fade from washing, the sun etc.  

Living Proof Thickening Creme:

In this pic I am using the new Living Proof Thickening Creme. I like it, and it does seem to volumize the hair nicely. I will use it for a few more weeks though before a full review. Is it me or does stuff like that stop working after a while for you? I feel like it does for me. The rave is on hold until proved otherwise through the next few weeks, although I was very happy with it the first time I used it (today). 

Update: Day 2 of the Living Proof use and it worked beautifully when I curled my hair in soft, big waves. Made it look really lush and full. Ah, I hope this never stops working! 

Enough rambling about the hair. Look for more ramblings in further posts on how I changed it from being fried to healthy and growing like a weed. 


My contest will go up early this week, most likely Tuesday, so look out for it!  It will be open to all followers worldwide! Something special from NARS will be the grand prize, which I think it pretty exciting. I love NARS : ) 



Couture said...

I have also noticed that sometimes products stop "working", because your skin/hair gets used to them. It's good to differ your products from time to time to keep them working!


Laura Gálvez said...

¡¡Wooow!! Que liso, me gusta mucho. Lo tendré que intentar algún día =D.

Un Besito,, Lauura's Place.

VaidaG said...

Wow, your hair is so... thick and gorgoeus. I'm jealous. My hair is very thin.. and i have like.. none of it lol. I even don't know why anymore... maybe cause i dye them since the age of 15... maybe i was born like that...Maybe it's I heard alot of good rave about living proof products. I like the name of it, it's so promising :) Your posts are so fun! And you are really nice. I'm so glad i found you!

N.Schu said...

Wow you have beautiful hair! But yeah hahaha it does looks like cousin It, but that's only because it's all one length and it's very thick hehe.
Your hair looks like it's in great condition, do you use leave in conditioners/serums? I have this ongoing battle with my hair, I think I've tried more than half of all the hair products this world had to offer.
We should have a lengthy conversation about hair care haha :)

Logan said...

I agree Judith. I know it isn't really proven, but I do see that I get used to products, especially hair products!

glamour rouge said...

Your hair is so gorg! Id love to see it when you've curled it, bet it looks fab! x

UrbanMermaid said...

Wow you have amazing hair! :O Did you get that Thickening creme from a salon? xoxo!!

SammyKins said...

wow you have gorgeous long thick hair!! love it!
Love sammy

thank you for the sweet comment gorgeous!

Logan said...

@Urbanmermaid-thanks! You can get it at sephora, or I am not sure of availability outside sephora yet because it is brand new.

@glamourrouge-Thanks! I think I am going to post a pic and show how I got my waves from last night. Much easier than I thought and I think it turned out pretty nice : )

Logan said...

@ Laura Glavez-the product is worth a try, it made my hair nice and full and smooth. I also use a GHD straightening iron to make it smoother. Its a little bit frizzy otherwise after blowdrying!

Party, Fashion, Music, Sport said...

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Froso said...

They look perfectly healthy too, well done, they look great and natural! I have linked you on my last post, thank u for the award once again!

Pippa Artus said...

Cant believe thats natural! I have to have highlights to get it like that :) <3

Take a look at my Motel Rocks dress for sale :)

Hannah ♥ said...

Thanks for your super sweet comment hun - it made me smile :)

& ohhhhhh wowwwww your hair = AMAZING!
Seriously. I'm very jealous! Mine is in such horrible condition.



Michele said...

You have amazing hair!! I think I might have to try that thickening cream if it ends up working well for you!! I have thick hair as is, but it needs some more body some days haha! I look forward to hearing how it works out!

Trop Rouge said...

Oh goodness i wish my hair was this long!
You are very beautiful.
I shall keep a eye out for the contest.

kissandmakeupbaby said...

ohh your hair is actually incredible! is it thick naturally? and if so would you recommend getting a voumising cream when your hair is already thick? only asking because i have very thick hair already

kissandmakeupbaby said...

Your hair is amazing! seriously! Is it naturally thick? and if so would you recommend using a volumising cream even though its already thick? just asking because i have such thick hair already!

Logan said...

@kissandmakeupbaby-i do not have thick hair naturally, sort of. My hair is very fine, but I do have a lot of it. My hairdresser says I have fine hair,but just two people's heads worth. A volumizer is okay for thick hair too if you find that you still want body sometimes. Sometimes super-thick hair can just lay there flat, and this volumizer (or any volumizer) can lift the roots and make it look like it has more body. If you have thick hair that already has too much body an is too big though, I would steer away from the volumizer.

kissandmakeupbaby said...

thankyouuu :) i'll just stick to the anti frizz - oh i posted twice. i thought that the first one didnt post XD xxx