Thursday, March 18, 2010

Estee Lauder-Who Knew?!

Do you ever have a brand that just isn't in your consciousness or one that has never captured you before until you tried one product randomly and thought "Wow-who knew?!" This has been my experience recently with Estee Lauder. For one reason or another the thought of Estee Lauder in general doesn't really excite me all that much. I don't know if it's because it has been around so long, and I associate the brand with my mother or grandmother, but it just never really excited me enough to want to purchase anything from them in a long time.

That all changed when I was looking for a new foundation and was told I have to try Estee Lauder's Doublewear. I hadn't thought of Estee Lauder before, but have heard great things about the foundation before, so I went out to try it.  I walked on over to the Estee counter and got myself the foundation (which I love btw), but while I was there, out of boredom or just perhaps because I have a problem with shopping, I picked up a few of their color items as well from their new summer "Michael Kors Very Hollywood" and "Bronze Goddess" collection...and I gotta say, I am in love!

Foundation to me is more of a utilitarian necessity than anything else, and I don't care what brand it is from, as long as it works and doesn't break me out. But I was surprised at the color items I bought there, and how wonderful and exciting they were! I got three products besides the foundation and I really do like them all. They are great quality, and look beautiful on. It makes me want to go get more from them! Where were you all my life Estee Lauder?!

The first two products are from the Michael Kors line and they are his blush in "coral sunset" and a lipgloss in "honey blonde" and they are both gorgeous! The blush is pigmented and looks like a beautiful flush on the skin. While I dislike the packaging and think the stupid, worthless blush brush should be done in with in favor of more product, I think it is a beautiful and quality blush. While it is shimmery in the pan, I do not find it to be shimmery on the skin.

In the pan

Swatch on finger (sorry, no makeup today so I can't show it on skin!)

I also love the lipgloss and it is one of my favorite colors on my lips. Pigmented enough to give a sexy, nude shine, but not too much to make you look like a corpse. It does have a strange purfume scent to it, which I didn't dislike but I would have preferred it to be unscented, as the scent is distracting. The color is so gorgeous though, I will suffer for it! It is also a little bit sticky, which I enjoy since it stays on the lips a little longer than one that slides around on you.

The third product I got was from the "Bronze Goddess" collection and it is their "bronzing blush." It is a melange of bronze and coral-pink together in a zebra pattern (so cute) that you swirl together and get a great sunny coral-pink glow to the cheeks. It is not super pigmented, but glowy and gorgeous, so I like it best on top of another blush for a statement look (I like statement blush).  It is a cheap package, in that you can feel how plastic and light it is, but the result on the skin is so pretty, I like it anyway.

When swirled together

While the products do have some drawbacks (smelly lipgloss, and cheap packaging and that stupid brush), the product really surprised me in a good way and I think it is a line worth taking a second look at.

Do you have any brands that you have experienced this "who knew?!" phenomenon? Let me know or do a post on your own blog about it and paste a link in the comments. I think it would be a fun tag to do to learn about new brands or lines perhaps some of us haven't thought about before for one reason or another.



lorraine said...

yes! that is exactly how i feel about estee lauder makeup too! I just kind of bypass it without taking a look at what it has to offer but by looking at what you got, I want to try some! :) I love the haul, looks like items I would have chosen exactly! :)

glamour rouge said...

I love the look of this reminds me of pretty woman!! lol the colour of the packaging I mean, a bit late 80s early 90s glamour, love it! wish I had the spare cash to get it xx

Nina Scott Johnson said...

I just did a blog post on that :)

I remeber hearing the Hiltons talk about the Estee skincare line, they were over the moon saying how great the quality and effects are.

I might try it out when I´m running out of my current skincare products :)

The bliush looks sooo pretty. I know what I´m looking for in the shops on Saturday.

- Kay - said...

I love Estee Lauder and I always thought it was so underrated by makeup bloggers - or at least unused. I can't live without their automatic eyebrow pencil, it makes it soooo easy to do your brows and they look very natural.

Pippa said...

I love Estee Lauder, I have so much makeup from there and its great :)
Also thank you so much for the post on my blog...seem to be having a lot of problems with it so hopefully will get it done soon :)

Leah said...

Oooh, the bronzing blush looks gorgeous! Too bad about the packaging, but oh well!

lovelyviolet5 said...

The products look amazing plus I'm inlove with the packaging!!Love always your reviews!!!

Hannah ♥ said...

I really want to try that foundation, and that lipgloss too! Looks & sounds amazing!



Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love the peachy summery colors! xoxo

Couture said...

The bronzing blush looks great! Thanks for your review!


VaidaG said...

I associate the brand with my mother too. I don't know why but it did look cheap in quality, not money sense. I mean, those silly golden packagings which rub off, unusable brushes and everything... But.. really, who knew? :D
I loooooved the lipgloss colour :O
*runs to raid mothers purse*

Zanah said...

I'm not much of a makeup person, I'm more of a skincare junkie but the shimmering blush & lipgloss looks very inviting :) Mon Mode Blog

jalyssacakex said...

Omg I have the same experience with Lancome..I would never buy it, just ignore that makeup counter, but I'm never shy to steal it from my mom and grandmother lol

Get Gawjus! said...

haha I have not tried ET products too for some reason :p Lovely stuff you got there hun :)

Holly G xo said...

hey doll i totally feel the same as my mum adores it and i buy her things from there all the time! i am getting the estee lauder double wear foundation soon and im going to do a blog on it! i just need 2 find out which colour will suit my skin the best! xxxxxxxxx also just to let u and anyone else reading this know that if you buy an estee lauder foundation online now u will receive 3/4 free samples of estee lauder products xxxxx