Monday, March 8, 2010

TAG:Sunshine Blog Tag Award.

I was tagged and given this award by the very gorgeous Nadia (Urban Mermaid) from her lovely blog It's Always Summer on the Inside. Two awards in one week! I feel so blessed, thank you : )

So cute! Makes me think of warm weather...yay!

I love reading all the lovely blogs of my followers. Reading about beauty, fashion, cakes, books or all the gorgeous stuff you ladies write about brings me sunshine everyday!

I am tagging the following wonderful bloggers/blogs. I found it really hard to do because there were so many blogs on my mind to tag, but many had the tag already etc, so I became confused (haha..its a blonde moment of epic proportions.) If I forgot you and you didn't do the tag, Ill get you next time around darlings, no worry.

Botox Extraordinaire
Megan-A Suitcase and Stilettos
Jennifer-My Fashionable Affair
Fern-Fern Laura

And since stuff besides fashion and beauty brings me sunshine too, I had to include a few other types of blogs in my list too!

Daniella-Dress,Design, Decor-Oh gosh, this blog is so pretty, and has such good interior design pictures, it makes me want to go redecorate my house immediately.
Lizzie-Cakes by Lizzie-uh hello, its cakes..need I say more?!
The Ladies at Book Lover's Delight -a great website if you like reading or books!
Howard-Pursuit of Performance -Not beauty or fashion, but lets show the love to a guy that blogs too! If you or the man in your life likes football (soccer) or exercising tips/tricks, he has a great blog. I bother him with exercise questions all the time, therefore he needs sunshine from me as a thank you! He's a should all bother him with workout questions all the time!

Thanks again Nadia!

I would also like to thank the ladies at Book Lover's Delight for tagging me for their latest award. Since I did it already, and you don't need to know more about my fear of deli meats (LOL), I just wanted to say thanks here to them : ) It's a lovely site you need to go and check out!

Contest post up tomorrow! xoxo


N.Schu said...

Thank youuu :)
I'm definitely gonna check out all the blogs you tagged.

Couture said...

Congratulations on your award!


Howard Gray said...

Thank you Logan for recommending my blog :)