Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lush Bath:Part II

Sex bomb, sex bomb, she's a sex bomb....

Isn't that an old song, or am I going nuts? Possibly a little of both, huh? ANYWAY...So today I bring you my second bath bomb that I used out of my "Let's Get Fizzical" set from LUSH. Here is another look at what the set looked like.

Today (obviously) I used the "Sex Bomb" bath bomb from the set. I remember it being my favorite from years ago when I last used bath bombs from LUSH, and it did not disappoint me this time either. Here is what the little baby looks like:

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb-the bottom half is pink also

So cute right?! It is really fragrant even after you plop her in the bath too, which I love. Some of the ones I have used don't smell at all after you plop them down in the water, and I don't find that acceptable! I want the water to be a pretty color and to smell yummy as well.

Plop, Plop...Fizz!

This one is really fragrant in a beautifully sensual way. Reminds me of my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle not in that it smells exactly like that, but has the same warm, jasmine, sexy "mood" fragrance emitting from it like Chanel. It turns your bath a really pretty pink color, and doesn't emit any junk that will clog up your drain. The only thing that the bath bomb has in it is paper-thin rose petals (synthetic soap like, not real ones) that float around and disappear with the warmth of the bath.

The water turns a pretty light pink color 

I love this bath bomb. I think if you want a good first bath bomb experience, I would go look at this one. Although I did find it more uplifting in the scent than relaxing, so keep that in mind.  I am going to keep going through the rest and look for one that is relaxing ( I love relaxing scents) but I still love this one and will definitely repurchase it!



Stella said...

Sex Bomb is one of my faves too xx

autumndiva said...

I must try them.

Trop Rouge said...

ooouuhhh i had one of these. They are the "bomb"

I am Khatu said...

Sex bomb huh? I must try! lol

glamour rouge said...

Looks like a preety princess bath! all pink and cute! x

Lipstick on the cup said...

I wish I could buy Lush products in my country! :) These bombs are so cute.

hannahbabeyxo said...

I had this set for christmas from my boyfriend and I used the last but one today! & Yes your not mad its by tom jones! haha Love sex bomb bath bomb :) XO

Belle Du Jour said...

Sex Bomb is my favorite, I also love the Honey Bee one!


Logan said...

Sex bomb is really awesome! Thanks ladies!

@ glamourrouge -hehe it does look like a princess bath!

@troprouge-LOL..they really are "the bomb"

@lipstickonthecup-maybe I will have a prize for Lush stuff next time so you could win one!

@hannah-oooh you have the set too?! How fun!!! And I knew it was a song!

@belledejour-haven't tried honey bee one yet..I think that one will be next, thanks!

Thanks all you lovely ladies, it is a nice one, you should try it out! xoxo

Imogen said...

I have never tried any bath bombs from Lush but reading this I might have to change that soon. Great name, I'll have to get one!

elle said...

i love lush! it's so addictive. when i'm not buying my own lush, i'm looking at blogposts and youtube videos of lush!

thanks for sharing

VaidaG said...

I can just drool from envy for you... there's no LUSH in my country either :)
I imagine those bath bombs are like things made from frangranced sea salt right? Or it's just the coating of it like that and there's something that makes the water fuzz and bubble on the inside? :D lol
I should talk to someone from LUSH to convince them selling their products in my country lol :))

Couture said...

I will definitely try this one!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I appreaciate it so much!


Pippa said...

I love these bath bombs! Im allergic to basically half of them, but you can get some good ones too!!

I REALLY need to get awareness out about these kinds of incidents. Feel free to email me on the address on my fashion blog, and I will forward a secondary interview so that people know your case. Lets start with some of the comments from last night :)
Hope you feel better with a nice sunny day like today!!

Laura Gálvez said...

¡Qué chulo! Me gusta mucho, debe de ser super relajante. ¡Me encanta!

Un Beso,, Lauura's Place.

Zanah said...

This is interesting ! Is it good for your skin too ? :) Mon Mode Blog

Nina Scott Johnson said...

i will try sex bomb, I recently got into lush products...and I´m really loving it

Froso said...

Next time I am gonna be in Sweden (my father lives there and there is the closest Lush store -we do not have in Greece), I am gonna buy that bomb and many other stuff, I am so jealous of other bloggers posting those yummy Lush products (smiling). Kisses!

Logan said...

@ Froso and @vaidaG- I think my next prize will be something from Lush. It looks like a lot of you ladies can't get it in your countries. I also think that its baking soda or something that reacts with the water and makes it fizz. They also have sea salts and other natural ingredients in it but I am pretty sure the fizzing is due to something like baking soda. Not sure tho, I will check it out!

@zanah-I know they say some of them have good ingredients for your skin, but honestly, I don't think it makes a big difference that lasts. Sometimes you feel a bit softer when you get out, but I think its more a fun experience than anything. I wouldn't buy it with hopes of it helping your skin. Not worth that or does that really IMO

Hannah ♥ said...

don't worry you're not going mad! that song is tom jones, I think?

I've actually never tried a bath bomb but will def give this one a go



Becky Destiny♥ said...

The first time i used lush, i was more amazed at the colour of my bath water, than the actual smell of the product. My bath was bright pink!:). Great post chicken.x