Monday, March 15, 2010

My View:Mac Liberty of London First Thoughts

I am home visiting my lovely parents and brother, who is on spring break from law school for a few days, but I wanted to post a quick picture of the MAC items that came in the mail for me from the Liberty of London Collection. I haven't had time to test them out other than swatching them, so I will review them further when I get a chance, but wanted to post some pictures in case anyone was debating whether or not to buy things from there. Sorry about the distracting marble background. I am not at my house and didn't have a great place to take the pictures.

I was unsure of the packaging at first, but I actually really like it! So fresh and springy! Although when my mom saw it, specifically the bird on the lipgloss, she said "Holy smokes! It looks like Ed Hardy!" LOL..I didn't even know she knew what Ed Hardy was, but I can assure you it is much prettier and feminine than most of that stuff.

 Shell Pearl (a beauty powder) looks beautiful! It is a peachy-pink sheer powder that when swatched looks glowy and sheer, not shiny or glittery, which I like. It would be a beautiful highlighter on any complexion.  I would get this one while you can, it really is gorgeous!

Shell Pearl 

Bough grey was more like Bough *sigh* to me. I had such good hopes for it and at first looks great, but when swatched doesn't have the best texture or color payoff..and by that I mean no color payoff and a crappy texture. Way to miss it on this one MAC. It was HORRIBLE when I swatched it. I couldn't even see anything. I would skip unless you have seen it in person and disagree.

The lipglass in Frankly Fresh is very pretty. Typical MAC gloss, which isn't my favorite gloss formulation ever, but this one is a coral tinged pinky-nude that really is very fresh and pretty looking. Might have to buy a backup, it really is lovely, even on pigmented lips.

I will have more pictures and swatches up later, since I think I shall hit the local MAC store around my parents to maybe get a couple more things. Bad Logan! The collection is so different and new, I find it a pleasant and refreshing change from MAC, which I think sometimes just turns out stale, rehashes of their old stuff and labels it as "new." This is a collection definitely worth looking at!

Also, I know I have lots of thank you's and tags/awards to do, and I will get on that very soon. Just wanted to spend a couple days without work or worry with the fam : ) Love you all!



UrbanMermaid said...

Shell Pearl looks really pretty! I'm so tempted :p


Shayna said...

Although this is fairly irrelevant to how the makeup actually works, I love the packaging ;-)

Loving your blog!

Logan said...

@Shayna-Thanks! and is sad that I hate how crappy the bough grey eyeshadow payoff is..but the packaging is so darn cute..I kinda don't care..eek!

VaidaG said...

"Holy smokes! It looks like Ed Hardy!" LOL
I wish my mom knew what Ed Hardy was...That sentence made my day lol.
I haven't really been interested in Liberty of London collection, just beacause i thought that they just made cute packagings to same old renamed stuff...Just like you said. But it actually seems kinda cool. Shell Pearl looks very nice... Oh my.. i said i won't be spending any more money on cosmetics this week... :/ "Thanks" Logan lol ;)

Lipstick on the cup said...

Gorgeous collection. The packaging is soo pretty! xoxo

lovelyviolet5 said...

Love your goodies!!!They all look gorgeous!!!Show us how they work on skin!!Kisses and hugs doll!!!

Nina Scott Johnson said...

I think I´m gonna get sheer pearl and the packaging is definetely a plus :)

Becca. said...

great make up review, love MAC makeup!
lovely post, love your blog!


L e D. said...

Love the packaging *-*


Emily Rose said...

Damnit, these pictures really make me want Shell Pearl :( I so regret not buying it. Gah.

Becky Destiny♥ said...

Oh wow, Im in love with the packaging! And 'shell pearl' looks rather gorgeous:).x