Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Favorite Things:Chanel Sunglasses

Well, not just Chanel sunglasses, but big, glamourous sunglasses are always a favorite of mine because they make anyone and any outfit look more chic and put together. My favorite brand of sunglasses happens to be Chanel. I think they make the most gorgeous sunglasses known to man. I have several, but the newest and most favorite pair of sunglasses that is in my bag at the moment are these little lovelies:

A good, big, dark pair of sunglasses can do a lady wonders. Even when you feel like death warmed over like me this week, you can look alive and glamourous with these babies! 

They can even conceal your how bad you look with a cold (is it me or does makeup not even help when you are sick?!) and annoyance at waiting in rush-hour traffic today.  

What sunglasses are in your bag at the moment?

Happy Friday everyone!



UrbanMermaid said...

You've been tagged :P


kissandmakeupbaby said...

wow you look so glamourous in them! What do you think of the new round oversized sunglasses? like the ones featured in the armani ss10 catwalks? flattering or not?

Paz said...

I love the sunglasses :)

Hannah ♥ said...

my fave sunglasses are my vintage aviators :)


Logan said...

I love aviators too Hannah. In fact, I look with envy upon anyone that can pull them off. I have a very round face though and they always look awful on!

gee b. said...

love the sunglasses they're niccce! To answer your q... I have burberry shades in my bag atm. Too bad not too much sun around for me to use it...

Logan said...

I know what you mean gee b...there hasn't been ANY sun where I am right now. Yesterday was the first day I could get my Christmas presents out to use them! I think that is why I posted it, I was so excited it was sunny enough to use sunglasses!

Gotta love Burberry!

Logan said...

Hmm...I am going to have to go look at those Armani glasses Hattie. *Off to google to find them* Sometimes when thy are too oversized they make me look like a bug tho. You have to be careful! xoxo

Stella said...

Hi hun, thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog.
Yeah, I can totally relate to what you've said about coming back to studying when you're older. I feel freaking old LOL
It's not all bad though, I have more experience and self-confidence, plus it gives me a different perspective about life=) I fully enjoy it!
I hope you too:)

Book Lovers Delight said...

Hi Logan-

it's Lizzie from Cakes By Lizzie and Book Lovers Delight! I love your blog it's so cute..and I to LOVE big chic sunglasses!!!

If you get a chance check us out =) we are doing a blog makeover this weekend!


Book Lovers Delight said...

Hi Logan-

It's Lizzie from Book Lovers Delight and Cakes By Lizzie..I am totally loving your blog, super cute! And I totally agree and love big chic sunglasses to! Looking forward to seeing more of your blog, keep up the awesome work! If you get a chance check us out, we are doing a big blog makeover this weekend =) we are now following you =)

Lizzie & Karina

roxybelle said...

I'm kind of married to my aviators right now but I'm looking for something a little more fashion-forward/futuristic a la Fergie or Gagaloo.

roxybelle said...

I'm kind of married to my aviators right now but I'm looking for something a little more fashion-forward/futuristic a la Fergie or Gagaloo.

diamondsinchampagne said...

Those sunnies are def. kick ass, def. old world glamour.
My sunnies are a pair off the runway by Giorgio Armani, I never wear my sunnies enough though

IVY▲ said...

oh, those are hot

i have some round Emporio Armani's in my bag :)

great blog!

IVY▲ said...

love them!

i have a pair of round Emporio Armani's in the bag~

great blog!


Book Lovers Delight said...

We have an award for you!!


kissandmakeupbaby said...

yeahh i was thinking hmm will i look like a bug - ive found some lookalikes on asos for only £10 so i may buy them and try them out :) xxx

{The Classy Woman} said...

Your glasses really suit your face shape, I love Chanel too. :)

In my handbag right now are a pair of Prada shield-style glasses. I love them! They are my first pair and they are quite lightweight, I never feel like I have them on.

I keep a bunch of inexpensive pairs for the beach though because I've lost a couple pairs in the ocean when waves come overhead!

Anonymous said...

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