Monday, March 1, 2010

Lush Bath:Part I

I decided to take a bath last night, to relax and use my new set I just reviewed from Lush, "Let's get Fizzical." That name still cracks me up...

I thought I would record my use of all the ones, so people shopping at Lush might get a better idea of which bath bombs they might like. There are so many, I think its hard to decide sometimes. 

So which one did I choose this time?

The cute little blue guy! Blue is my favorite color, so it was an easy choice. This one is called "Big Blue." It is supposed to smell of lavender and lime and have seaweed and sea salt in it to relax you and soften the skin. 

This is what my bathtub and bathwater looked like before the bath bomb. 

A glass of wine et bath bomb = perfect combo 

Closer look of the water pre bath bomb:

Now this is what happens when you put the bath bomb in the water. Warning: this is way too fun and addicting. It is like those experiments you did in elementary school where you added baking soda to a mix and it became a foaming volcano. 

And this is what the water looked like after the bath bomb did its work:

It turned the water a really pretty turquoise color. It also made it look like I had gone rolling around in mulch even before I got in because that stuff that looks like dirt on the bottom of the pool is the seaweed. You could also feel the sea salt in the tub too. I thought the smell tended to disappear once it hit the water, but left the water feeling soft and smooth. I enjoyed the bath, but wasn't a fan of that seaweed on the bottom of the tub to be honest, although it did all go down the drain easily once I was done. 

Overall, I like this one, I did think my skin was soft and the bath relaxing. I wish it smelled more though. But I do have a cold so perhaps I am not smelling it like I wish I did. I would repurchase so far, but want to go through the rest of the ones before I have a final decision on this one. 



kissandmakeupbaby said...

ohh i love lush bath bombs and have tried this one - its really nice! Im your new follower btw :) check out my blog?
thankyou xxx

sarah xo said...

Ohh I dream of you everyday! :) I love the honey bee one and I want to try sex bomb so bad! your lucky you have an amazing bath tub to enjoy all those lush baths in! :)



Couture said...

Lush is so great!
You have a really beautiful bathtub!


SonyaAnn said...

I love your bath tub!!!
I'm glad that I found your blog.

lovelyviolet5 said...

I have something for you in my blog girl!check it out!!cheers!

lovelyviolet5 said...

You have to take the picture from my blog and put it in yours!!!Fist do storage the picture in your disk and then put it in your blog!Do you want the code for putting a link???

lovelyviolet5 said...

Hope you'll get well soon!!!cheers lovely!!!

Multibrand said...

Hello friend,
Thank you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect. I wish that I can also follow your blog but unfortunately I can't find the Follow widget.
So I have subscribed by e-mail.

By the way, I like your blog, it's nice looking and informative. Congrats! Let's keep in touch.

SophieGrace said...

I love lush products! So nice to the skin :D

Nabila said...

i love lush products, havent tried the bath bombs yet...

Nabila xo

BarbiesGlitter said...

i actually love your bath lol! :)

i want to try big blue, but the seaweed might annoy me lol.