Thursday, March 4, 2010

My First Award!

I'd like to thank the academy..and my mom and dad...

Kidding! But I was very honored that Irene at Lovely Violet (a beautiful girl with an equally beautiful blog that I adore reading!) gave me my first blog award.

Thanks so much Irene! Your blog is so beautiful, I am happy to be in your company!

I am supposed to now talk about 7 facts about me. Prepare to be fascinated people...(insert sarcasm) I'm sick..I don't have much creative energy now:

1. My hair color is natural. Most people don't believe that, since it is an unusual color (strawberry blonde is what it is usually described as, but gets lighter and darker with the seasons and sun)..but I haven't colored my hair, in any capacity, in my life.

2. I have an unnatural fear of deli meats and sandwiches in general. I think they are the grossest thing imaginable, and can't even stand to look at them. Never had a traditional sandwich in my life!

3. My family is my heart. My mom is my best friend and the happiest moments in my life have been memories of time spent on vacation or just hanging out with my dad, my mom and my little brother : )

4. I LOVE pigs. I've had a little stuffed pig named piggy since I was a child, and she is still in my room today.  She was named after my favorite character of all time...Miss Piggy from the Muppets!

5. Neuropsychology and fashion are my two favorite subjects. I studied the former at The George Washington University in Washington D.C. and decided instead of medical school, I would study the later at art school, where I am now.  Now that I have fashion as homework, I read biology and psychology texts as play reading, and when I was in college I did the opposite! I'm quite the science nerd : p

6. Most people don't know it from looking at me, but I LOVE sports! Well...watching them, not really playing them. I love watching a lot of different kinds of sports but I love hockey, football and college basketball the most and get really serious about my teams. I wasn't born or raised there, but since my parents were, I am a Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins and Pitt fan till I die!

7. I was born on May 27 and a I have total Gemini's personality. If you read anything about Gemini's, it describes me to a tee. A great majority of people in my life that I click with right away turn out to be Gemini's. Love you Poodle!

Now I am supposed to pass the award onto 7 more lovely bloggers. It was hard to choose, but my winners are:

1.Mai Philosophy
2.Glamour Rouge
3.Black and White Collage
4.Style Nirvana
5.Pearls and Poodles
7.Sarah Xo

I have a list of ladies I didn't mention and whose blogs I love too. I had Jessica Alice's blog on here but she won the award already! Let me know if you won this award, I wouldn't want to repeat. There are so many great blogs out there! Next time around, I promise! I love all of you!

Don't forget to read Irene's lovely blog too! Lovely Violet!



sarah xo said...

Congrats Darling! You definitely deserve it! :) And I know what you mean about your sign..I'm a libra and I'm the exact description of it! :)



glamour rouge said...

I was so excited..Im so rude, I forgot to say congrats to you for getting it! duh

glamour rouge said...

Thankyou so much!!! It's made my day! My first blog award! yey!
It made me laugh reading your fear of sandwiches (you know your not alone now! lol) xx

Froso said...

Congratulations! Thank u so much, I will surely mention your lovely award to my next post! You are amazing!

glamour rouge said...

oMg..This will prob make everyone laugh but how do I get it on my blog?? lol, I tried copy and paste but it wont you can tell im rubbish with computers xx

sarah xo said...

I didn't even notice! Thanks so much darling! :) This makes me so hapy! Oh and I will talk Lost anytime except for I havnt started the fifth season yet! So I can only talk about it up to that season :)



Juicygirl said...

yay congrats chicka & thanks for passing it on to moi *hugs* the deli meat thingy made me laugh lol & you have the same birthday as my big sister :)

Jessica Mai : said...

Congrats on the award Logan!
Wow fear of deli meats? That made me giggle. sorry :)
& woo!! My fellow hockey lover!

verry fun & inneresting facts, m'dear!
& Thankyou for the tag. Ill get right on it!

Jess Mai

Logan said...

Thanks everyone...I'm glad I can provide amusement from my fear of deli meats. SO WEIRD..but true!!! hahahaha


UrbanMermaid said...

My ascendant and moon are Gemini (I'm a Sag) and I also find that everything it says about Gemini totally describes me lol :P