Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Contest Winner, Awards and Thank You's : )

Thank you all so much who participated in my very first contest! I am so excited to send out the prize, and want to hold another one very soon. On that note, if you ever have suggestions for another prize you would like to see, feel free to email or comment me to let me know. I was thinking the next prize will be Lush related, since so many of you can't find it in your respective countries (and its fab of course!)

But for now, I wanted to announce the winner of this NARS prize.

Set #1:

I just typed in the number of comments and went to randomizer.org to get a number. It was 16, so I took the 16th comment is Lorraine from Lowster! Sorry if you don't like this method, but I thought it was the best one for the circumstance : ) 

For those that didn't win, I will be having another giveaway very soon!

I would also like to thank the gorgeous Pippa from her beautiful blog Clashing Time for giving me the cutest award!

She is darling, and her blog is a pleasure to look at, you must check it out! She also just started an anti-bullying blog, Clashing Time Anti-Bullying, which I think is brilliant and sweet of her. Bullying, in any form or medium, is not acceptable to me. You need to go and support her blog to make a stand against  people who apparently have nothing better to do than become victims of their own self-loathing by putting other people down. In life and online I have experienced this, and it hurts. We should all be here to support each other : )

I would also like to thank one of my other favorite bloggers Stella for tagging me on her blog for a "3's of me questions" tag. I know you all are dying to read that from me. I am working on it, but wanted to thank her first since I am so slow at these tag things. Thanks Stella! Go to her blog now..it's wonderful!

I would also like to thank Couture on her blog for giving me the Happy 101 award. Her blog is lovely, go check it out!

All the tags and the passing on of these awards will go up as soon as I get back home. A little rest for a few days because I have been working 24/7, but I will catch up on everything after this : )  Thanks dolls!



lorraine said...

wow! omg! I am so excited! this would be my first nars item :) i'm about to email you right now :)

Shao said...

Aaw XD Congratulations, Lorraine! I hope you enjoy your prize.
*lurks in the shadows to pounce on next contest*

Froso said...

Oh, I hope you will rest yourself, I am with you bcs I work the same way! I loved the previous review, I didn't buy any of those stuff yet bcs they are not on the Greek mac store, but I will have my eyes on them! Kisses lovely!

Stella said...

Logan, you are such a sweetheart! This lovely post just made my day.
Can't wait to read your version of the tag:)