Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's In My Bag?

...apparently enough stuff to sustain a small community of people for a good couple days!

I had to do one of these posts because they are my favorite thing to look at or watch on Youtube. I was going to ponder what the obsession some of us (read:me) have with looking at "What's in my bag/purse?" tags...well I can answer that...I am a total handbag-a-holic. And although I am in a savings phase at the moment (like a real-savings-cause-i'm-an-adult-and-need-to-be-responsible, not a saving-for-the-next-LV-bag-I'm-drooling-over- usual) I have a particular fondness, ehem, obsession with all things purse. Especially Louis Vuitton. As much as I would like to have a Chanel (maybe) and a Birkin (oh dear lord let's hope)..I have a fondness and attraction to everything LV does. You can see a bit of that in my bag and it's contents.

For the record the black bag I am carrying is the Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy 30. It is beautiful textured leather, and my newest bag in my collection. I like it because its LV, but not the mono (of which I have plenty of)...and goes so well with all the dark colors of fall and winter we are wearing now.

The contents inside my love are...

*My LV wallet (a really old one I don't think they make anymore..but the Sara style is similar)
*LV cosmetics bag (whats in this is to come in another post)
*LV Trunks and Bags pouchette (has hand creme and lippies or just randomness)
*Bloomie's cosmetic bag (includes my hairbrush, purfume, hand santizer and the like..I particuraly love it cause my mom got it for me and it reminds me of our days together at the Short Hills Bloomie's and eating yogurt!)
*Chanel Sunglasses
*Wet Ones (I like to sanitize everything..hands, card steering wheel etc...I really am turning into my mom!)
*Sigma Travel Brush Set (Nice for the price..a review to come shortly)
*Mason Pearson Travel Hair Brush (best brushes ever...I like the combo boar and nylon bristles..all boar doesn't brush anything well imo)
*Car Keys with LV card case

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