Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cheap & Chic: Rimmel Max Volumeflash Mascara

I wanted to include a section of items to review that were a deal/steal...because who doesn't love a deal?!

I usually use high-end mascara, but a while back I became determined to find a drugstore variety that preformed as well as my high-end favorites (including Diorshow and YSL Faux Cils). I started using CG Lashblash, and I liked it, but I think that under a primer (Shiseido Mascara Primer) or even became clumpy and kinda gross after one coat. I saw some recommendations for this mascara floating around youtube and makeup websites and decided to give it a try...who doesn't love a hot pink tube of mascara?!

I REALLY like this mascara. Now I am the type of girl that prefers volumizing mascaras, since I don't need a whole lot of extra length in mine. This is a lovely, non-clumpy application. It has a large-ish wand, although not as large as something like Lashblast has. It goes on very opaque (very nice if you have light eyelashes like me) and doesn't get clumpy on me no matter how many coats I put. It someone makes them full and lush, almost like false eyelashes without becoming a spidery mess. Loves it!

It comes in two colors, "black"and "extreme black" and I have the black. My own gripe is I wish they had it available in a brown or black-brown so I could use it for everyday runnings-around, like after the gym or something. I have light eyelashes that are actually more clear in color they are so blonde, and brown or brown-black looks more natural on me for everyday. But the effect is so gorgeous, I find myself wearing this everyday despite the black color. People can just think I have naturally, long, thick lashes that make my eyes border on doll-like (in a good open, wide and awake way).

You should try it out! I love trying out  new mascaras and this is a really nice one that works well for me. Its around $6-7 dollars where I have found it at places like Ulta and Walgreens. xoxo

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