Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haul Time:MAC-Price Increase?

 have been pretty good at curbing the buying of beauty items I sorely do not need, however, I did receive a little package on my doorstep today courtesy of maccosmetics.com. I always seem to have a on/off relationship with this brand, but they do really have some quality stuff that is fun and affordable compared to other department-store brands.  *Edited to include possible price increase at bottom*

I received:

Brush Cleanser

15 Eyeshadow Palette- I have too many single ones. It's time to depot to travel easier!

Eyeshadow pan in Gesso-A vivid, matte white

Eyeshadow pan in Blanc Type-A creamy beige, nice pigmentation. I like it better than Brule. Matte2 formula.

Okay, those look similar in photos, but they are very different in person.

The last two are from the MAC in Lillyland collection and the reason behind my ordering. I have "Joie de Vivre" and loved it (a beautiful pinky-coral, much less orange than it looks in the pan) and wanted the other two that would work for my coloring. The fourth was an orange tone that would be lovely on those with different coloring, but with strawberry-blonde hair, any kind of orange is a problem for me.  Overall though, they are a lovely dry texture that still blends beautifully into the skin. They are drier than the creme blushes, which on my oily skin, slip and slide off me in the blink of an eye.

Cremeblend Blush in Florida-lovely bright, hot pink (On the right)

Cremeblend Blush in So Sweet, So Easy-soft, light pink and it is similar to Bobbi Brown's pot rogue in pale pink. (On the Left)

*Something to Note: I do think the one cremeblend blush I have might be breaking me out (I have some issues with their skin stuff)...so these might be going back. If you are acne-prone, watch out. I am researching it further and not sure if it is the blush or not, but keep an eye out.

Price Increase?!!!

When I wrote this yesterday I was unaware that MAC was planning on a price increase, effective around Jan 31/Feb 1. Many say this rumor is true and say that the prices on eyeshadow are going up from $14.50 to $17.50 and the MSFN going up from something like $25 to $32. No one knows for sure, but the empty palettes seem to be the item most likely to go up in price, of around $2. Personally, I think raising prices of almost 30% on some items would be an ill-timed mistake on the part of MAC. If you raise prices, perhaps you could in small increments like you have before, to make the increase easier to accept for a lot of people that are still hurting in the recession. I also think MAC (or their parent company Estee Lauder) should take a good, hard look at their brand identity (I'm taking a bunch of marketing classes, what can I say?) and realize they are not Dior or Chanel. Even though after the price increase they still might be cheaper than these brands, they are taking away a strength of the brand identity that lead many to buy from them, and that is quality makeup at affordable prices, lower than others in the department store. Tsk, tsk MAC...I'm disappointed in you if this is true.

Well, it might not be true, but you may want to go get a few must-haves before this takes place everyone.


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