Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Favorite Things: A Good Watch

The watch pictured is my one of my favorite things and something I wear almost everyday.  I see a quality, classic watch as one of the true foundations to having a a great wardrobe. I received this watch from my parents when I graduated high school..quite a few years ago!  It is still beautiful and something I wear everyday. There are plenty of beautiful watches at all price points, and I think investing in one at any level is a great idea, especially one in a classic style. I was tempted to get the Chopard "Happy Diamonds" watch, (oh how I love their happy diamond line!), but I am glad I went with the perhaps what I saw as more "boring" choice (I was in high school); because it is something I wear to this day and will continue to wear well into the future.

This watch is the "Panthere de Cartier" in the small stainless-steel style. This specific watch model that has been discontinued, but there is a similar style that looks almost identical. I think the new style is also the "Panthere" style as this is a panther-link bracelet.

I have to say I love this watch, but I am loving the look of white watches at the moment. My other favorite dream watch would be the white Chanel J12 ceramic watch. So gorgeous!

What is your favorite watch?



Diva Becky said...

I agree, a watch can totally make or break an outfit and a gorgeous watch is always a thoughtful accessory! My favorite watch is my Movado with diamonds on the band and a light pink, mother of pearl face! <3 Great start to your new blog!

Yolanda said...

Hi Logan,

Just joined.

The watch is very important. It makes an ordinary outfit look appealing.

Logan said...

Thanks Becky for checking out my blog..i love your youtube videos and your positive spirit! Love your watch too, very posh, I bet it looks great on you!

Logan said...

Thanks for reading Yolanda! Gotta love a good watch : )