Friday, January 22, 2010

What's In My Makeup Bag?

I was surprised...not at much as's a minor miracle!

I guess it's not that interesting, but I thought I would do a piggyback post to my "What's in My Bag" post by showing what is in my makeup bag.

My makeup bag I use everyday is the Louis Vuitton "Toiletry Pouch 19." It is the mid-size model of three toiletry pouches, the 15, 19 and 26. The 15 is too small for me, and I thought that the 26 would be excessive, although I am sure that I would be able to fill it without much trouble. : )

I like it because it is the coated canvas material from Louis, and it basically indestructible, which I find fabulous. You can wipe it out and all around easy peasy and all that makeup that can get inside the bag, no matter how careful you are you know it happens, the bag looks brand new years later. I can't stand makeup bags with old battle scars of makeup battles past. A fresh, new makeup bag is the best, but with the lining in this one, I never need to replace. Something nice to invest in if you love your makeup as much as I do. It could probably double as a clutch too.

Back to the makeup...

I have a few important, ever-changing things with me today. They include:

*Fresh Brown Sugar Body Creme (I rotate various travel size hand creme/body creme's with me and this is the current one..found in my stocking..very nice..smells a bit lemony fresh so if you are not into those kinds of smells and think it reminds of you Pine wouldn't like this..also its not super moisturizing for winter really..great for summer though I would think..has a lovely texture)
*MAC Blot Powder-best product for shiny faces like mine. Ah, definitely a favorite!
*Chanel Pressed Powder (hmmm..I suppose I don't need this if I have the other one do I? Lovely powder too..although as much as I need to touch up I prefer the Blot)
*Bobbi Brown Concealer Compact-It is a compact that she used to sell (I think it is still available on QVC) that has a small pot of corrector, concealer, her foundation stick and powder. While the powder is so small its useless, I use the concealer and foundation stick if I need some covering. This is also a great product for evening clutches since it is tiny and has everything you need in it!)
*Tiny stub of Dior Brow Pencil-My brows always disappear, and I have clear-blonde eyebrows to begin I keep an eyebrow pencil on hand at all times. I'm on the search to find a product that stays all day, haven't found it yet)
*Rimmel Volume Max Mascara-The hot pink tube in my makeup bag is my newest find, and I love it! It is better than Covergirl Lashblast, which was initially the only mascara from a d/s I used. Its great...I'm doing a review soon..loves it!
*Chanel Mascara-a sample I use instead of the Rimmel if I don't have it me some lashes!
*Stila Eye Kajal in Topaz-great inner rim liner and only pencil formula I use and like. I prefer liquid or gel but these pencils are fabulous!
*Korres Lip Butter in Guava-This over the next product is my go-to everyday casual lip. Moisturizing, not too glossy and pretty. Love it!
*Tweezerman lash comb
*Bobbi Brown Blush/Bronzer Duo-The bronzer in light and her pale pink blush are two of my favorite products. This was a limited edition, but its great to carry with two products in one.

...whew! That seemed like a lot more products now that I write those down. The last four are my favorite lip products ever...and yes they all resemble each other. I have super pigmented lips and use these to make a pretty neutral lip. They are...

*YSL Rogue Pur Lipgloss..I think it is in 1..its beautiful and gives a high gloss shine
*Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss in Pearl Sugar...I LOVE this color and product..its sticky (which I like..its stays on and doesn't run down your lips or look like you just ate fried chicken) and the perfect not-to-glossy pearly sheer color. It has since been discontinued, and makes me tear up just thinking of it. I am hoarding it where I can find it...*sigh*
*NARS lipgloss in striptease..lovely color if you want to mute out your lips like I do mine

Oh and two more stragglers...

*The YSL Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick in Natural Beige..lovely color..a bit slippery for my liking, but its a creamy, luxurious formula with enough pigment to tone out my pigmented lips a bit. YSL lipsticks are the best!
*My Coco Mademoiselle Purse Spray...a scent I have worn since it came out in 2001. Twist up and smell yummy...fabulous!

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