Friday, January 22, 2010

Shout-out Time:The Triple Threats!-Three Bloggers You Will Love

I just wanted to link a few of my favorite blog from some of my favorite youtubers. No one reads this blog...yet...but these ladies produce not just great youtube video's but great, interesting blogs I read as much as possible so I wanted to put this out there in case someone stumbles upon this site and wants to find some great things to read about and see elsewhere.  I love sharing the love. All these ladies are not only beautiful to look at, but have great taste and skill/smarts about sharing it with the world through their blogs and videos. All triple threats for sure!

So I thought I would share some of my favorites three at a time. I am sure you all know them, but I wanted to highlight them anyway : )

HRH Collection - This girl is celeb-worthy, jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and her blog is both pretty and interesting to read with great pictures and insights into her fabulous life, style and opinions. She also makes videos on youtube under the same name and seriously has some of the best taste and style I have seen online. She will have 200,000 subs in no time. I really think she is one of the best youtubers/bloggers out there and has style that is interesting and inspirational.

MakeupbyTiffanyD - Another beautiful girl that is SERIOUSLY talented in makeup application and all things beauty. She posts pictures and detailed reviews of the videos she does on youtube on her blog, and they are all great inspiration to everyone that likes makeup. Very sweet and sincere and all her opinions seem honest and genuine. Plus, check out her videos for her latest fab jewelry, gorgeous closet, and drool-worthy stash of makeup products.

Lollipop26- A beautiful Brit that oozes style and class in her makeup and beauty centered blog and youtube channel. Uh, maybe its the lame American in me, but I could listen to her all day. She isn't afraid to give her honest opinion about a product and has great suggestions that create lemmings both from high-end and drugstore brands.  Such a beautiful girl all around who has great style and taste in products. Her blog is also equally as interesting as her videos, and is updated often with some of the most cleverly-written and interesting posts around.

And since I'm a rule breaker I am going to add another name as a bonus...

The Current Custom- Another really beautiful girl that has a fabulous youtube channel and blog to boot. She does tons of great haul videos and has fabulous taste (I know I say that for everyone, but I wouldn't include someone that didn't) If you are into hair, you need to tune into her videos to see her ever-changing hair colors, all of which somehow wind up looking gorgeous. She is basically a real-life Barbie doll, in the best sense of the word, with great clothes, makeup and hair. I also like she gives her honest opinion and doesn't care what other people think of it. She has some serious girlpower (I can't believe I said that) and is a pleasure to listen to and watch! She also has some pretty jewelry for sale on her blog, which is always fun!

There you go everyone..I love sharing the love...enjoy!



Kelly said...

First off, thank you for becoming my very FIRST follower! much love to you...i hope i don't disappoint :) Secondly, love your blog so far and i am looking forward to seeing more posts from you...Lastly, i couldn't agree with your latest post more! Those girls are favorites of mine on YouTube also and half the reason i started blogging myself. Each one brings something unique to the table and they all have impeccable style...It's nice to see someone give credit where it is due! Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Logan said...

Thanks for following me too. I opened your blog and just laughed cause I think your first post about handbags and all being your favorite cause you don't have to worry about them fitting is great. I think that is why I love them too. We seem to have similar (fabulous) taste..haha..look forward to reading/talking with you further!