Thursday, January 21, 2010

My View: Benefit's Stay, Don't Stray

This is a fairly new product that I was interested in ever since MakeupbyTiffanyD (her name on youtube..check her out..she is fantastic!) talked about the now defunct FYEye primer by the same brand. I wanted to try a Benefit eye primer and compare it to the one I love and use everyday-Urban Decay Primer Potion.

It is a product with an interesting concept, with some benefits...and a few flaws that I feel the company needs to work out if this is to be their go-to eye primer.

First, it come in a little pump bottle, which is the worst applicator bottle I have ever seen. It is really frustrating and reason enough not to buy it again. There is no way to control the pressure on the nozzle and you wind up with a HUGE blobby mess that no person can possibly use in one application. It is a total waste of the product, and the cheap plastic container with a pump you can't control really annoyed me.

Stupid Pump! It is a mess!

The product itself is meant to be a a primer used both on and under the eyes, that is you can use it to prime for eyeshadow and concealer under the eyes. I think it does a decent job on both, with the winner being under the eyes. I think it does a pretty good job at keeping your concealer under your eyes from creasing without looking cakey, which is nice if you have oily skin like me.  I like that it is a creamy, silky texture for under the eyes and it glides on nicely there, however this can get a little messy, especially on the eyelid. I found the creamy, almost slippery texture a bit hard to slop around the eye (partially due to how much product was globbed out), and I like a drier texture of a MAC paint pot or UDPP, which I find is easier to control on the eyelid.

Big glob of it swatched on sheers out on the shouldn't use a lot of it, even though a ton comes out of the bottle

After using it for several weeks I won't be repurchasing this least right now. I think it may be worth a try for those looking for something that might help undereye concealer stay in place, or if you need a creamy, silkier texture for an eyeshadow primer because of crepey lids or just by preference. Also, if they repackage it with a better pump, I may consider.

All this aside, I will say that when the product did dry down, I did not experience any creasing from normal, everyday wear. I have super oily eyelids and eyeshadow isn't possible for me unless I have a primer, so I guess this is a good point for the product. Overall though, my next purchase would be back to UDPP..which I see as of now as a superior product for your money. Especially the new color out by Urban Decay which is called Eden...a more opaque, nude primer than the original, which looks promising for those wanting more coverage from a primer. Review of that soon to come!  xoxo

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