Friday, January 22, 2010

Fashion Battle:Choo vs. Louboutain

On this post I thought I would share my favorite Christmas present I got from my wonderful parents (actually with what I have to say about how painful they are my Chanel sunglasses, a close second favorite, might be winning out)


My first pair of Christian Louboutain shoes!

 I was SO excited to get these, and had bought them beforehand to size myself, but only got to wear them for the first time when I went to the Ritz in Arizona over New Year's (I normally find myself living in my various Tory Burch Reva Flat' all-time favorite of mine and to be added to "My Favorites" list soon)

First off ladies..I can't believe I am saying this...but I have to be honest here...I don't know if I will be buying another pair of these heart breaks at the thought of this as I DREAM about a nude platform pair of peep toes from this man nightly...his shoes are BEAUTIFUL and I swoon over them all the time...but yikes are they uncomfortable!

...and I don't mean uncomfy like I feel all heels are...relatively speaking from the flats I normally wear..I mean REALLY uncomfortable. For the record they are the "Simple Pump" I think in the 120 (which I am pretty sure refers to the heel height)

For most Louboutains I know you have to size up, so me being normally a 6 or 6 1/2, I went up to a 7..and perhaps my mistake was not getting an even bigger size than that. These are tiny! I just couldn't imagine going beyond a size 7 as I have no shoes bigger than that. They are super narrow and equally super uncomfortable...and trust me ladies, I can walk in heels like a pro.

I was disappointed and sad about this, but I hope they will break in and soften up (the leather) as I wear them...and I WILL wear them..because painful or not...they are fabulous looking! I would probably just go back to what I see as the most comfortable high heel shoes in the world...that being the wonderful Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo's to me are so comfy and easy to walk in they make my Louboutain's feel like miny torture devices. I don't have many pairs to compare, but any one I have  worn in the past has been a pleasure to walk in. Kudos Tamara! ( of Jimmy Choo)

I'll leave you with a favorite pair of my Choo's...which I think resemble those dyeable bridesmaid shoes somewhat..HAHA..but they are pretty..and COMFY in person...

...while I wouldn't totally rule out trying other Louboutains in the future if I am lucky enough to get another pair someday..since different shoe styles might differ in comfort within the brand..this particular pair has definitely made me overall weary of the brand...I guess the point is girls, don't just buy those Louboutain's chasing after the red bottom..try them on and see for yourself, another high-end brands might work for you and your foot better if you are looking to splurge.


p.s. I find Prada's shoes to be equally as comfy and worth the investment. They are a dream to walk in for me also.

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