Sunday, January 24, 2010

My View:Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion

I recently heard my friend talking about Mario Badescu's Buffering Lotion as a good treatment for cystic or hard-to-treat pimples. Well, call me crazy, but I was so curious to see if it actually worked I got myself down to my local Ulta and bought it.

I was very skeptical to whether this worked or not, as I have found NOTHING that actually worked on those inground, cystic pimples that won't come to a head or ever go away, but I raced to get this anyway. I get a good few of those hard to treat pimples every once in a while, and it seems to take what feels like weeks to actually heal, and I would try anything that might speed up that process. So I tried this and a couple weeks into using it, and I actually see a difference! I seriously think it's a miracle, and I am crazy about this product because of it.

Can you see before it's shaken up, the layer at the bottom?

You shake the bottle up, as it has a clear liquid and then a powdery-white substance at the bottom. It then becomes a white liquid, to which you dot over the affected area. Now it doesn't make the sucker go away overnight or anything, but it seriously had reduced the size and severity of the pimples I have used it on noticeably after just one treatment.

Shaken (not stirred..haha)

Now it does have alcohol listed as one of the ingredients, and I know some people cannot use products with alcohol because it can be drying or irritating, but I think if you just place it on the pimple this won't be a problem. Something to think about though. I have very oily skin, so this might be a reason I didn't experience irritation from it. I need something to dry those kind of pimples up, or else they never go away!

I needed to share this because I know how annoying pimples can be, and I do find this works. It retails around $17 and most Ulta's I know carry the brand.  You can also get it at select Nordstroms, and xoxo


Megan said...

love love love mario badescu! but i have never tried this product! i will have to grab it immediately though if it works! thanks for sharing <3


glamour rouge said...

Hi,I'm a new follower, would love for you to follow me too! :)
I saw on youtube and a couple of other blogs that others were using asprin as a mask or scrub to help blemishes and scarring. I done a review of it on my blog. x

Logan said...

Glamourrouge, consider yourself too have tried the aspirin mask and have had mixed results with it. Actually I think I am too lazy to do all that work and just use an already made product with salicylic acid in forward to reading your blog!

Logan said...

your blog is adorable too megan! I think we live close to one another, as you said you are in Ohio (I think). I do think its a product worth trying out if you have those annoying pimples that take weeks to heal. It doesn't make em go away overnight, but I never had anything that worked at all on them. I'm using this like all over my